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    Any ideas what this is?

    Changing my oil today. When I pulled the skid plate off this fell out. Looks like some kind of brake pad but it’s a magnet. I’m guessing it’s something I picked up off the road but could it be something off the LX? Any ideas? Should this go under SQOTD?
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    Middle row center arm rest ‘13LX

    Anyone know how to take apart the cup holder in the center arm rest? One of my kids (teenagers...) spilled something very sticky in the mechanism. They tried to clean it but now I’m making them take it apart.
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    Tire OCD?

    Ok I should have figured this out by now but: any idea if the 200 wears the front or rear tires faster? I’m switching to my summer set up since Summer decided to come early with a bang up here in AK. I’m guessing front but I tow a ~7k lb camper a ton.
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    Any one else excited for the Rivian?

    So my wife is on her 2nd Tesla. She had a model S and now has a model 3. Driving the EV pretty much makes my ‘13 LX570 seem like a dinosaur. Anyway I’ve been waiting to see what happens next with the 300 series (or 400?) as I hope to replace my LX with a highly capable off-road SUV with at least...
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    2013 LX570 headlight washer question

    my driver side headlight washer is leaking on the inside near the nozzle. Figured this out as found a puddle of washer fluid under my truck and when I refilled it heard a dripping. I traced it to the headlight. I removed the small skid plate and was able to access it from underneath to the...
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    Really there is a Bike forum but no Ski?

    anyway with ski season (hopefully) stsrting this Friday in AK I got the first wave of our gear out. Mine and the the kids SL race skis (both have new GS skis), my daughters free ride and park skis, mine and my wife’s primary all mountain skis. Scraped off storage wax, set and tested bindings...
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    Winter tires and driving

    So this discussion started as a tangent from another thread so I figured I would start a new one instead of hijacking the other. I also felt it was appropriate since up here the leaves are mostly off the trees and we’ve already had snow in the mountains. I think a big misconception with...
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    Roof rail inserts

    So cleaning the sand off my roof from dip netting I realized I don’t have the black trim that goes in the roof gutter on one side. I’m guessing it doesn’t matter but with hearing about leaks and concurrent electrical issues figured I’d ask. Does this matter? Should I replace it? Pictures of...
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    cooler question

    In prep for salmon and halibut I’m in need of replacing my current fishing cooler, a igloo marine ultra 94qt that I have used and abused for the last 10 years. My gut feeling is to get another one of the same for the following reasons: made in the USA, I’ve never had a problem with its...
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    E brake controller question

    I went out yesterday to get everything ready to get my camper out of winter storage and my brake controller seems to be dead. So the question I have been using a Curt Triflex for 8 years is there something better out there I should look into? ‘13 Lexus LX 570 and I’m pulling a ORV Black Rock...
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