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  1. wimberosa

    Builds Getting 81' 40 running again after 9 years

    Could u pull those metal shards off and photo them on a white sheet of paper. That Y looking piece particularly has me confused what it might be from.
  2. wimberosa

    Shackle mount welded to bumper?

    I used pan head bolts that looked exactly like riveted heads. These were higher strength bolts. I then tack welded the perch exactly like original weld. BTW...I got my new rear frame member ... rear bumper ... whatever you want to call it from @Awl_TEQ if thats what you're trying to do.
  3. wimberosa

    Shackle mount welded to bumper?

    not original factory weld but that appears to be the exact weld configuration when it rolled off factory floor The factory weld there is almost more of a tack weld. I replaced my rear bumper last year and this weld ground off fairly easily (plus removing rivets) and then I slipped out and...
  4. wimberosa

    Builds Bring back my Dads FJ40

    I'd suggest you may want to brace (rebar tack weld) across the top rear to maintain the clearance you had before removal of that sill. These things tend to sag and change during body work and you want to have the same measurements after welding so you don't have any door fitment issues.
  5. wimberosa

    Builds 1978 FJ40. Waking up the ‘ol girl!

    Thats probably just moved the shellac and other gunk around. It's a common thing to try but it does sound like the carb is in need of some loving. I tend to think your expert buddy wasn't totally wrong.
  6. wimberosa

    Sharing the progress on my FJ40

    Really excellent looking rig and progress. Engine looks the shizzle. What is that wheel and rim setup you are going with?
  7. wimberosa

    Removal of front drive shaft on the trail

    The issue for me was the PO pumped it full of grease and the seals were exceptionally tight. So pumping it full of grease caused active pressure attempting to expand it. I removed the alemite grease nipple and grease spurted out like I struck oil. After that pressure release, the drive...
  8. wimberosa

    How does the brights in the turn signal switch work

    Don't take what I'm suggesting as knowledge....but the contact points you show and what I see in the diagrams seem like they are logically correct. Have you looked closely at the fork (upper part of your pic) and the wiring connections there? Seems like if you've applied pressure at the red...
  9. wimberosa


    My rear bumper got the bitter end of pulling too much by a PO. After having completely removed and replaced the bumper, my untrained assessment is someone is seriously overestimating with 3000lb. The structure behind that bumper in the middle is pretty timid.
  10. wimberosa

    What is this?

    An early entry for 2020 but currently top honors for understatement of the year.
  11. wimberosa

    What is this worth

    As noted they are somewhat plentiful. However...repurpose it. Its actually a beautiful piece of art to hang on a wall. Five bucks says there is a thread on here....or should be about people repurposing parts as art.
  12. wimberosa

    Builds Bring back my Dads FJ40

    I've seen beautiful results on here with both aqualu and gozzard. I seem to remember a thread where someone was specifically addressing how to properly brace fiberglass attachment to frame. I think in all of these cases you're going with nutsert type insert attachments for window frame...
  13. wimberosa

    Builds My DreamCar & Worst nightmare - HJ45 RestoMod

    bench seats look original to me....don't let those disappear into the dumpster. those clips are for jack rods
  14. wimberosa

    Builds My DreamCar & Worst nightmare - HJ45 RestoMod

    Hey. You've got an alternator. +1
  15. wimberosa

    1977 BJ40 Build Thread

    Indeed. Slow down on random vendors providing parts. Some of this can just be had at your local Toyota dealership also. They certainly have the water pump. I'd bet a starter could have been had from them also.
  16. wimberosa

    More pre purchase help.

    meh...doesn't look that bad on the rust front...however check the top of the rear quarter panels where the roof attaches. We always are posting about this rust on the bottom rear sill and quarter panels...but that one looks like its got some issues along the back roofline. That is NOT the...
  17. wimberosa

    Builds Bring back my Dads FJ40

    I'd consider aqualu or other also. You're in a position where major pieces...(not patches) are needing replacement.
  18. wimberosa

    This thing is interesting.

    it looks like a rorschach test that failed
  19. wimberosa

    Did FJ40 have a 2 wheel Drive?

    I'm feeling physically ill looking at that disaster.
  20. wimberosa

    What would you pay for this 1971 FJ40?

    Not much...less than 3k. Rebuilt title import with a different color repaint and different motor that doesn't run well? Might never get a straight story on a rebuilt title for a vehicle this old.
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