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    For Sale  INTI Roof Rack Lewiston, Idaho

    $1200 obo In great shape. Im not gonna break it down and ship so local pick up needed
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    OME rear springs and 555 drag link joints

    Both items are for a 97 Landcruiser OME 860 med. rear springs with 15,000 road miles on them $50 plus shipping obo New 555 Drag link rod ends $30 plus shipping obo Vince
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    For Sale  Rolled 97 landcruiser (lockers)

    sold 176,000 miles, locked. I took the lift off it so stock springs. Ome nitro shocks are not installed but included ( 20,000 on shocks). Your basically buying a rolling chassis with locked axels, damaged ARB front bumper and all running gear. 1,000 obo sound fair...
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    Rear prop. shaft removal

    Hey guys, I am trying to remove the rear shaft from the diff. but am having a heck of a time and in danger of rounding the nuts. Fsm states to remove the nuts that are only torqued to 65 ft.lbs. Any tips or tricks I should know? I hit them with Pb Blaster after my failed attempt and was gonna...
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    Retro-fit OEM locking axles

    Ok guy's I rolled my 97 Landcruiser and it's totalled per State Farm. I bought it back and am not finding many replacements with the locking front and rear. Is it pretty straight forward to take the locking axles off my old rig and swap them onto a non locked rig? Is it pretty much plug and...
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    Milford install help

    I have the third row seat. Would my cruiser be designated a 6 seater or 8 seater? Thnx, Vince
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    Need Help! OME lift = no start

    Just what it says. Put new 850/860 lift on and now it wont start. I'm dumbfounded, any ideas? Thnx Vince
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    reverse issue

    I have noticed when I attempt to back up a hill or over a large rock that the truck just won't do it. I will 1st feel the resistance and the truck trying to move then a clunk,like something just gives and I let off the gas. The last time it did this I tried a second time and didn't get the...
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    broken frt stabilizer mount

    So I broke my frt ds stabilizer mount. The welded on tab that the bolt goes through and holds the very front of bar. Do I need an oem replacement or can I just have a local shop fab up one and weld it on there? Thnx, Vince
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    cond. of frt diff. fluid after 7,000 miles?

    Well I decided to check the condition of my front diff. fluid at the 7,000 mark since my 1st birf job and was surprised to see it was not the amsoil green color that I originally put in there. It came out lookin more charcoal grey and towards the end of draining the consistency seemed a lil...
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    Need more help narrowing down vibration

    I posted a few weeks ago about a vibration at 38 to 43 while accellerating only. I only feel it in the floor board and it seems to be ranging from 35 to 45 now also. The vibration started about 5,000 miles ago and I noted a light tarnishing on the outer wheel bearing on about 1/3 of the inner...
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    Need help!!! wheel bearings or .....

    Here's the problem. At 38 to 43 mph I get a slight vibration from the front end. I don't notice it in the steering wheel but more like in the floor board, gas pedal and seat area. Approximately 5,000 miles ago (currently at 99,000 miles) I performed my 1st full birf repack. The vibration started...
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    just completed birfield repack

    1. I broke a bolt on the knuckle seal with the felt, rubber, metal ring (tightened to 43 ft./lb instead of 43 in./lb ) :doh:. It's the one below where the 2 retaining plates meet, anyways I can't get it out and was wondering how big an issue this might be. 2. Im thinking I didn't get the...
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    front knuckle

    Well being a proud member of this forum, I watch my front knuckles pretty closely along with everything else, heh. Anyways I was under the front axle looking up at those fun to reach bolts on the underside of the intake manifold when I caught a glimpse of what appears to be a "dry" knuckle.GASP...
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    wheeling technique

    Well I finally HAD to use my lockers to get out of some nasty sh!t. I was out this past weekend on a dirt road running through some wheat fields. We turn down this one that had some tracks from an atv that obviously was havin some fun. This was the 1st road we had been on with any slope. So...
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    leaking .....windshield?

    So I have water slowly dripping from passenger corner of windshield. It seems to need a moderate amount of water to start leaking as it never happens when washing car, only when driving and a fair amount of rain. It's a slow drip about 2 inches from the passenger corner on top edge. Any ideas...
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    Battery Tender

    Got the flu , so straight to the point . Rig has been sittin for 4 days . M ust have left a door open and now battery is dead . I 'm using a and having it charge right now . Question is can I leave terminals...
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    knuckle shims?

    So whats the concensus on replacing these during a full knuckle rebuild ? I 'm hoping you all say just reuse the old ones in the same orientation you removed them . If I do have to replace them how do you measure how many to use ? By feel ? Actually measure distance ? Sorry if this has...
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    Wobble felt through steering wheel

    Ok symptoms are: A slight wobble felt through the steering wheel when on lightly bumpy surfaces (dirt road) or when goin say 15-20 mph around a corner. I drive alot of dirt roads here in Lewiston, Idaho with some pretty nast washboard at times, it feels as if this washboard is finally gettin the...
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