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  1. DougRFJ62

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    Very excited about the tires/wheels. I was always interested FJ Cruiser/Tundra Steel wheels and it was perfect timing. Ask J if he knew where to source wheels and he just happen to have a set FJ Cruiser 17" Wheels. Hat tilt to Trail Tailor.
  2. DougRFJ62


    We have been advocates of keeping at least 3 or more months of non-perishable food stocked in the pantry. Flour, rice, variety of legumes, noodles can goods, etc... Walked in to a vons and walmart to to investigate what was stocked on the shelves. Bread was completely wiped out, all produced...
  3. DougRFJ62


    Black Forest Ham, Red Cabbage-Beet-Carrot Slaw, Thousand Island Dressing, Dark Rye Bread, Swiss Cheese Melt
  4. DougRFJ62

    Creations from our LockDown

    Our go to if the SHTF / Shelter in Place meal- Spaghetti and Black Rifle Silencer Smooth
  5. DougRFJ62

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    Oh My!!! This is getting exciting!!! :) :bounce:
  6. DougRFJ62


    Cleveland Kraut Roasted Garlic , Provolone cheese on Rye Grilled Cheese First experiment of fusing sauerkraut on a grilled cheese and definitely not disappointed!!!
  7. DougRFJ62

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    EFFIN FANTASTIC!!! This is why the rig is at your shop. Great Design and Craftsmanship for the 60 series.
  8. DougRFJ62

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    Ill throw in my two cents here as well for Summit Transport. Aaron from Summit Transport is fantastic, courteous, keeps you updated, on time, contracts with professional drivers and has the best prices. I would never hesitate to use Summit Transport to deliver any of my rigs to their...
  9. DougRFJ62


    Great find!!! Fried or Scrambled egg inside a onion is a great easy way to cook the egg as well as fuse it with an onion ring. YUM!! Throw frozen onion rings in the cooler and presto an easy campsite delight
  10. DougRFJ62

    Hearty Vegetarian Chili with Airfried Potato Wedges

    For those looking for a plant based chili this might just be for you. We have tried many vegetarian chilis but this is at the top of the list. Airfried potatoes are easy to prepare, cook in half the time as a conventional oven and crispy. Chili ingredients 3 carrots 1 onion 1 green bell pepper...
  11. DougRFJ62

    Leftovers and Soup

    Nourishing Noodle Soup- Plant based variation 1.5 cups carrots 1 cup onions 3 cups of chicken or vegetable broth . We use chicken broth better flavor 1 can jackfruit 1 tsp poultry season 4 oz whole wheat linguine noodles 1.25 frozen peas 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest 2 Tbsp fresh parsley 2 Tbsp fresh...
  12. DougRFJ62

    Quick Bean Burritos with peppers,onions and garlic plus Yonanas soft serve frozen fruit

    We love it so far. We have a steady supply of frozen bananas and mixed fruit. Let the fruit thaw for a few minutes and process into soft serve mixed fruit smoothies.
  13. DougRFJ62

    Quick Bean Burritos with peppers,onions and garlic plus Yonanas soft serve frozen fruit

    When time is of the essence A quick 10-15 minute gourmet burrito:) with extras Saute peppers, onions and garlic - season with cayenne pepper, salt, paprika and chili powder add a little H2O or beer 1 can Rosita refried beans 1 can Bush Black Bean fiesta- add extra frozen white sweet corn Flour...
  14. DougRFJ62

    Poblano Chiles Stuffed with Cremini Mushrooms, Chickpeas and Potatoes

    Stuffed Poblano Chiles with a spicy kick. 4 0z - Crimini mushrooms 2tsp- ground tumeric 1tsp-ground cumin 1/4tsp- ground coriander 1/8 cayenne pepper 1 can chickpeas - food processor 12 oz steamed chopped pototates 1/2 cup steamed chopped onion fresh cilantro fresh lime wedges
  15. DougRFJ62

    Trail Tailor Offerings

    @TRAIL TAILOR Holy Cat , this is so COOL!!! :bounce: Very impressed with how you share the progress of each build.
  16. DougRFJ62

    For Sale  Front and Rear FJ62 4.11 gears (San Diego County)

    Front and Rear FJ62 4.11 gears - $100 for the set. Located in San Diego County
  17. DougRFJ62

    For Sale  "SOLD" Four BFG KO2 32 x 11.5 x 15 less than 3K (San Diego County)

    "SOLD" BFG KO2 32 x 11.5 x 15 (4 tires) with less than 3K. Excellent wear and even tread wear. Asking $300 for the set. Located in San Diego County
  18. DougRFJ62

    Wanted Update - FJ80 axle swap on the FJ62: 1995-1997 FZJ 80 or LX 450 in SOCAL (San Diego County)

    I do not know how I missed this one. Thanks for the link. I will send PKELLY72 a PM to see if it is still available.
  19. DougRFJ62

    Wanted  Update - FJ80 axle swap on the FJ62: 1995-1997 FZJ 80 or LX 450 in SOCAL (San Diego County)

    After doing some research and making phone calls. We have decided to do a front and rear FJ80 Axle swap with extras on the FJ62. -Doug We are looking for a 95-97 FJ80/LX450 that we do not have to dump a ton of $$$ into modifying/upgrading or restoring. Hoping to find local rig for sale. I...
  20. DougRFJ62

    For Sale 1995 Toyota LC w/ Factory Lockers

    WTF $40K. ! If you going to post an ad please put a price and if you are asking >$40K you should have more pictures and a detailed description of all the work done. Lockers and 185K does not justify $40K price
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