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    Wanted  Stock - white 62 zero rust

    won't consider anything over 14K. ain't worth it even at 14.
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    Going to look at a Chevota today

    Definitely would like to hear everyone's opinion on this rig ( as much as can be formulated w/o seeing in person or asking questions or driving it but...) Would really like to know some good questions to ask this guy and some areas to inspect and some analysis make of the test drive. I...
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    California Carb Exempt Intercooled Turbo Kits Please!

    So it's 2009. I did a quick search for some keys words that might tell me if the landscape has changed with regard to passing a CA smog test with one of these kits bolted on. Profitt Cruisers (Colorado) is a "Turbo Glide Distributor" so naturally I'm wondering if these kits would pass CA...
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    What is the opinion of keeping the H42 transfer case

    when swapping the H42 transmission for the H55? I read on the FAQ that the H42 transfer case does have a better crawl ratio for the low gear" "Also, some transfer cases that were originally mated to the H55F had a 1.0 high and 1.959 low, but mating it to your 4 speed transfer case with a 1.0...
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    3rd Row seats

    Grey cloth, good condition. Sold as set. $150 P.S. But in the subject line. "Inquiry about your FJ-80 3rd row seats for sale"
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    FJ-80 bumper for sale

    $300 Allen P.S. But in the subject line. "Inquiry about your FJ-80 bumper for sale"
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    question about Canada Imports

    What is the catch? Why couldn't a yank locate a rig he or she likes over the net, flies to canada, buys it and drives it over the border, gets it registered in the U.S, etc., etc.?????
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    Might have found my rig's problem

    I found this post that Doug wrote, and I think I know what my rig's problem is. When I first bought my FZJ80 at 93K (it now has 180K) I had the differentials drained and refilled. Guess what came out of the front diff? Freaking poop. That was the consistency of the sludge that came out of that...
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    San Diego Cruiserheads

    I need to get integrated within this community. Does anyone wrench their own vehicles such as: Birfs, brake pads, driveshafts, ring and pinion installations, sway bars, etc....?? I really want to make some friends within the SD community because I cannot afford to keep giving my hard earned...
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    Does this sound correct?

    I have read all the driveline vibration and noise posts. I had the "whirl" sound and vibration in the cab, slightly on the Steering wheel but mostly for the entire cab: seats shaking side to side" Wheel are balanced and new. New shocks and springs. New pads. Took it to a driveline shop...
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    Opinions on these

    Specifically, does the polyurethane bushings work better than OEM rubber, etc. And if anyone has them, can you confirm how it is better for eliminating body lean/roll etc.?
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    Suspension Question (OME)

    I have posted before about suspension concerning body roll/lean and general overall lack of absorbtion of shock. My OME setup ("stock replacement") is over two years old and I drive the terrible roads of San Diego County (almost #1 in the nation) everyday in my daily driver FZJ80. My...
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    Why don't we just do this?

    Everyone on here has beat the topic of the Safari Intercooled Turbo Kits to death. We all know APS could give a rats a$$ unless we buy 25 units. We all know we don't have 25 people on this board or else where that would pony up what 3.5K, 4K, 5K per unit? What is the amount if we bought in small...
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    Rock and Roll? Wiggly -Jigglely

    I have posted before about my suspension regarding roll, lean and I still am baffled. I have the OME stock suspension replacement: Dated: 7/03 861 L/H ------front left 861 R/H ------front right Dated: 6/03 862 L/H -------- rear left 862 R/H -------- rear right =================...
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    AIR CONDITIONER INSPECTION - DO I look like a sucker?

    Problem: My AC has been out like 2 months. Living in CA, I doesn't get that hot....sometimes and I have not had the time to get it checked out. Just did and they said the "high pressure" needle is wiggling and not steady like it is supposed to be. He said two options: 1.) replace a valve =...
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    Are my OME spring installed on the wrong side ---regarding "lean and roll"?

    I pulled off the tags and this what they say: Dated: 7/03 861 L/H ------front left 861 R/H ------front right Dated: 6/03 862 L/H -------- rear left 862 R/H -------- rear right ===== And I could not tell with the shocks........does it matter?
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    Do I replace my 2 year old OME setup because I got body roll?

    I bought from (spring of 2003) Slee the Stock Height Replacement Medium Load which included following setup: 2 x OME 861 Front Coil Springs 2 x OME 862 Rear Coil Springs 2 x N73 Shocks 2 x N74E Shocks 1 x SD24 Steering Damper ================================= My problem is that it...
  18. A is this the correct assessment?

    My vibration was cured in the steering wheel with replacing with bobby longfields, new inner and outer wheel bearings, although I think a thoroughly cleaning with disassembly and repacking of the birf could have done the trick. But I still have a pretty bad vibration in my butt. I mean...
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    OK, I feel like my mechanic failed me.

    I got the new Bobby Longfields (chromoly) for my FZJ80 and smartly asked for the old birfields and they looked fine. If it wasn't for the mechanic (Toyota Lexus Care in San Diego) saying he had seen this before about the vibration in the steering wheel at high speeds only on curves in the...
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    Cost for a new Throttle Position Sensor for a 93 FZJ80

    The shop dropping in my new Longfields, said my check engine light came on. Said the code was for a TPS. Anybody know how much these things cost?
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