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    Help Wanted  Entry level Technician at OTRAMM

    We're growing enough that Crash and I can't keep up with the back log of work. We recently took over the rest of our building so now we're looking for a tech to help us fill it. We're a small Land Cruiser shop in Bealeton, VA, about an hour outside of Washington DC. We work Monday-Friday 8-5...

    80 Series head gasket video

    A bunch of folks have asked for a video on the 80 Series head gasket. Finally got the chance to start on one. I finished editing part on today. I'll do a reassembly video as soon as I get the head back from the machine shop.

    4.7 Timing Belt video update

    I've never been super happy with the original timing belt videos we did. We had a 4.7 out of a truck this week so I took the opportunity to update the videos while there was an unobstructed view. Just finished part one and should have part two done in the next few days.

    1fz Crank Holding Tool

    I've had several people ask about the crank holding tool I made for torquing the crank bolt on the 1FZ. I ended up redesigning it so that it has a square drive for a breaker bar instead of a welded handle. I figured that way it could go in a flat rate box. I priced out having them cut and I'd...

    200 Series auxiliary tank install

    Just finished up installing a Cruiser Brothers/ Long Range Automotive auxiliary fuel tank in a 200 Series

    OTRAMM Shirts

    Folks on the YouTube channel asked for shirts. I finally got around to getting the logo in the correct format. Figured I'd stick the link here as well in case anyone was interested. OTRAMM | StoreFrontier

    yodaTEQ Gull Wing Hatch Install video

    Just finished installing a pair of yodaTEQ gull wings. Recorded a quick video of the install.

    Pre Purchase Inspection Videos

    And the pre purchase inspection videos will go here.

    Brake repair videos

    I'll stick the brake repair videos here.
  10. OTRAMM

    Stainless 3FE manifold flanges and O2 Sensor flanges

    I grew tired of modifying off the shelf flanges to fit the 3FE manifolds when building down pipes. I finally drew up a factory flange (except with a 2" pipe diameter) and had them water jet cut out of 304 stainless. We use them often enough that I had a batch of them cut. I also had a batch...
  11. OTRAMM

    Cruiser Live Chat on YouTube

    I started doing live Q&As on YouTube a few weeks ago. Shooting for doing them each Tuesday at 5PM. You guys should come keep me company online :) It's been slow to get going and I'm not great at talking to myself. If you subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell it'll let you...
  12. OTRAMM

    Weekly YouTube Live Chat

    A few weeks ago we started doing a weekly live chat on YouTube. Shooting for doing them each Tuesday at 5PM EST. I haven't really had a structure to them so far. Basically folks just join the chat and ask whatever Cruiser related question they've got. Hopefully I have an answer :). I wanted...
  13. OTRAMM

    100 Series Pre purchase Inspection Tips

    I posted a pre purchase inspection video on the 80 series trucks yesterday in the 80 forum. Last night during the live chat someone asked me if we had an inspection tips video for the 100. We didn't but had one to go over this morning so we recorded it. It's not the end all of everything you...
  14. OTRAMM

    80 Series prepurchase inspection pointers

    We get a bunch of Cruisers through the shop for post purchase inspections. A lot of them come in with overlooked maintenance items and the need for expensive repairs. We had a 93 in the shop today for an inspection so I thought I'd shoot a quick video and point out the main things we look for...
  15. OTRAMM

    80 Series seat gear repair video

    We were installing a set of Gamaviti's seat gears today so I thought I'd shoot a video. Please excuse the audio. My mic cut out half way through so I had to use camera audio.
  16. OTRAMM

    Steering Videos

    We're doing a bunch of upgrades on a 77 40 at the shop right now. One of which is a mini truck power steering conversion. Figured I'd shoot a video while we were doing it. Install is really smooth using the brackets from @orangefj45 .
  17. OTRAMM

    OTRAMM shirts

    @TRFCSUX said I should throw a post up here :) I finally got around to uploading logos and "designing" some shirts on teespring. Let me know what ya think. OTRAMM Swag
  18. OTRAMM

    Suspension repair videos

    Same idea as the rest, here's the suspension videos.
  19. OTRAMM

    Electrical repair videos

    So I'll add all of the electrical related videos here.
  20. OTRAMM

    Engine repair videos

    So this one will be the repository for engine related videos.
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