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  1. MiniPigg

    DN4SDND133 Nozzles

    1985 BJ70 3B. Looking for DN4SDND135 nozzles but keep finding DN4SDND133 nozzles. Can I use the DN4SDND133? I tried looking the specs on both for a comparison but unable to find.
  2. MiniPigg

    Are there any Machinists on mud?

    One of my calibration tools has a broken part that I can no longer buy. It’s common for this part to break due to idiots over tightening. I bought the tool used. I really need this part so I’m reaching out on mud to see if anyone has the equipment to manufacture a new one.
  3. MiniPigg

    M with a number?

    Next to some ppls names there is a mud tag M with a number. What’s it mean? I was curious as I have an M with an 10.
  4. MiniPigg

    Larger Fuel Filter

    1985 BJ70 3B.... Napa Gold 3393 is what I have now. Is there another option to a filter with a higher capacity? This ones about as big as my fist.
  5. MiniPigg

    renew my membership.

    I tired to renew my membership but it wouldn't allow me to sign in. Who do I need to talk with you get this fixed?
  6. MiniPigg

    Wanted  1985 BJ70 fuel sending unit?

    Looks like my sending unit is bad. Anyone know where I can get a new one that’s not going to cost me and arm and leg?
  7. MiniPigg


    Do all two door 70 series share the same front doors?
  8. MiniPigg

    Replacing my 70’s steering wheel.

    The PO installed an after market steering wheel. I was thinking about replacing it with one from an FJ55 because I miss my pigs. Plus I hate the stock 70 series steering wheels look. thoughts?
  9. MiniPigg

    Wanted  Does anyone have 3B injectors.

    1985 BJ70 3B H55, 426,000 km. I’d hope to find four injectors that I can rebuild. Mine appear to have never been removed from the engine. This way I can rebuild and balance them but still drive my truck. It’s turned into my daily driver. My rover just broke down again. Gotta love British vehicles.
  10. MiniPigg

    Fuel/Oil gauges

    The Water Temp and Voltage gauges work fine. The Fuel and Oil Pressure gauges do not. The needles never move. I can see maybe one not working due to a failed sender or a cut wire, but two seems odd. I was thinking maybe something to do with the gauge cluster?
  11. MiniPigg

    I could use some help...

    Yesterday I have a series of cluster seizures. One of my arms muscles flexed so tight the docs though I broke my elbow or tore the tendon from the bone. Im on hour 31 with this fricken postical migraine. I probably shouldn't even be on the computer but here I am asking for help. So here goes...
  12. MiniPigg

    Do all 84-90 70 Series...

    Do they all share the same front floor pans? From door to door, front to the B pillar?
  13. MiniPigg

    Builds  My New BJ70. :)

    So I am the proud new owner of a crusty 1985 BJ70. Everything works except for the fuel gauge and the oil pressure. I will be jabbing up some of my own body panels but need to find other sources for new body panels to weld. Ive found a couple in Europe. They seem to only carry the rear lower...
  14. MiniPigg

    craigslist  Built Axles, springs, shocks, etc

    I am posting this for someone I know. His contact information is in the ad on CL. Pics are on CL as well. He has a ton of other things he is trying to get out of his garage. He also has some really nice rigs. Toyota Assault Axles Complete set of front and rear axles, including; front...
  15. MiniPigg

    Red Light Therapy for Pain??

    I have two disc in my lower back that are messed up creating a bunch of pain. I have been reading up on the Red Light Therapy and wanted to ask if anyone on the forums has tried it yet and what were your results.
  16. MiniPigg

    For Sale  FJ55/FJ40 Axles FF with Locker

    For sale are the axles from my FJ55. Plug and play for 40 and 50 series. Brakes are fairly new. They are a bit grubby from being under a diesel. Front is a1977 Front disc brake and the rear is an *J60 Aussie full floater w/ an Aussie Locker and Chevy disk kit 1050 USD for both. Im in Boise...
  17. MiniPigg

    I think the Pig is going under the Knife!

    Well, I really love Pigs. I am also some what of an introvert when it comes to wheeling and doing things. I tend to go out on my own and do my own work, if I do ask for help it only involves one or two people I know. Don't get me wrong I am more then willing to give you the shirt off my back...
  18. MiniPigg

    For Sale  1972 FJ55 Cummins 6AT partings out

    1973 FJ55 Cummins 6AT partings out Im thinking about parting the truck out being no body wants to buy it. Here is a list of items I am putting on the chopping block for now. 1- Cummins 6AT 3.4 Turbodiesel starts and runs perfect. Will come with flywheel,clutch plate, clutch dic, and bell...
  19. MiniPigg

    Parting Out  Parting out FJ55 Cummins conversion

    Everything is at my place in Boise Idaho.
  20. MiniPigg

    Times like this I hate dealing with some people.

    I sent this to a fellow cruiser bud. I think he was an EMT or something as his Suburban had some sort of EMT training sticker on the rear window. I explained to him about the full floating rear axle and the locker so he would know what those were, and the disc brake conversion. What the...
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