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  1. Cruzerman

    Battery Question

    My current battery setup is two group 34 yellow top Optimas. They have worked out OK for me. When I camp, I sometimes wish I had more battery capacity for the fridge and such. Well, I'm needing a new battery in my tractor and so was thinking about moving the accessory battery out of the cruiser...
  2. Cruzerman

    Bilstein Bushings and Washers

    One of my rear Bilstein shocks bottoms came off and I have lost the bushings and the washers. And idea where I would get replacements? These are the yellow ones, so I'm guessing they are the 4600 series? TIA.
  3. Cruzerman

    Any Issues Putting a '95 Engine in '96?

    Just hoping it is a straight across swap putting a '95 engine in a '96? TIA.
  4. Cruzerman

    Android Navigation Software Advice

    So I'm looking for advice on navigation software to run on my Samsung S4 tablet. It has a 512GB card in it as well. A requirement is that I want to have large amounts of offline maps, as in entire states. When we go out, we never really know where we will end up and to can't really plan our...
  5. Cruzerman

    Rear Fire Extinguisher

    I put a fire extinguisher in the rear of both my 80 series using the rear shoulder harness bolt. Seems like a good location so I thought I would share.
  6. Cruzerman

    Rear Seat Belt Bolt Size

    I am mounting a fire extinguisher in the back as was going to use the bolt that used to hold the rear shoulder belt. That existing bolt is a shoulder bolt and I needed one without the shoulder, so I grabbed the old bolt and ran down to the farm store that has a nice bolt selection. But I wasn't...
  7. Cruzerman

    Fan Clutch Oil

    I know this has been covered, but I feel that I've read the threads and have seen all kinds of answers. I'm just looking for what weight and how much oil to do a fan clutch mod. I've seen from 10K to 30K+, with 15K being a common number. TIA.
  8. Cruzerman

    A/C Recharge

    Well, the A/C on my '95 (R134a) slowly started working less and less, and so I have a leak. My plan is to replace all the O-rings and the dryer. And while I have it open, I'll pull our the evap unit, clean the fins and such, and replace the expansion valve. So here's my question: I don't plan...
  9. Cruzerman

    Radiator Hose Clamp Size

    About to replace much of the cooling system and am ordering parts. What size hose clamps do I need for the upper and lower radiator hoses? Are the Breeze clamps worth their ridiculous price? Is there another good clamp to use? TIA
  10. Cruzerman

    Alternator Output Low At Idle

    Hoping for some insight into my alternator. I hooked up a volt meter right at the battery. At idle, the volt meter reads 12.5 volts. Shouldn't it read higher? However, if I kick up the RPMs, it seems to work fine, going up to 14.5 volts. Is this normal? TIA
  11. Cruzerman

    Jeep Branded Warn 8274

    I just picked up a used Warn 8274 and was surprised to see it was a Jeep branded unit. Can anyone shed some light on this winch? Is it rare and possibly somewhat valuable to a Jeep owner? Should I sell it and get a different used 8274? TIA
  12. Cruzerman

    Which Tires Wear Fastest?

    I'm wondering if the front or the rear tires wear faster? I ask because I have a used set of tires I want to put on my rig and two of then are more worn than the other two. I'd like to put the ones with less tread where they will last the longest, i.e. where the tires wear slower.
  13. Cruzerman

    Sawyer Water Filter

    I saw these on sale and picked one up (hasn't arrived yet). For $13, I thought I would give it a try. So, I wanted to pass this sale on to the...
  14. Cruzerman

    Seat Identification / Help

    I bought a '95 that came with these Recaro seats. I like them and am hoping that someone help me identify them. Wanting to get some seat-specific seat covers for them. TIA.
  15. Cruzerman

    Removable Front License Plate

    I just put a generic cheap LED light bar on my ARB front bumper. This necessitated the moving of the license plate to another location. I didn't readily see one and I'm not big on drilling new holes in things. Back when I wheeled a FJ40, my front plate would get beat up so I made it removable...
  16. Cruzerman

    A/C Advise Needed

    So, of course I wait to until it is warm out to look at the A/C. It is working but I'm not sure it is working to full efficiency. This is a '95 w/ R134a. Using my instant read thermometer, I'm seeing 44 degrees at the vent. Is that what I should expect or is it too warm? I would think it would...
  17. Cruzerman

    Smittybilt 10K X20 Winch in ARB Bumper

    So I finally got around to taking my Smittybilt 10K X20 winch off my other cruiser and mounting it to my "new" cruiser. This '95 came with an ARB front bumper, which mounts the winch with the "bottom" towards the front. The problem is that after the flat front of the bumper, it tapers in and the...
  18. Cruzerman

    Roadside Assistance / Tow Insurance

    I've had cruisers for a long time (30+ years) and I have never been left stranded. However, I'm thinking about getting some roadside assistance insurance just in case I even do need a tow. The one that my insurance company offers (Geico) is worthless. AAA seems good in that depending on the...
  19. Cruzerman

    Factory Subtank Repair

    So I bought a '95 that came with the factory subtank w/ the filler neck with the pull knob. Anyhow, I was putting gas into it for the first time and it started dripping on the side where the filler neck is located. I didn't get a chance to see where it was actually dripping from. So, I'm going...
  20. Cruzerman

    Dobinsons 3" Heavy Installation

    Put a Dobinsons 3" heavy linear setup on my '95 over the weekend. This rig is going to more be for outback camping than wheeling and while I was tempted to go with something more flexi, I think this is going to be a great setup for my intended purpose. I put on these springs & shocks: C59-170...
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