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  1. oilbrnr

    Anybody have some LX450 wheel caps they'd like to part with?

    I need dos por favor. PM me if you do, thanks. -don-
  2. oilbrnr

    A few for sale items. One is a freebie

    SOLD - Coleman 3 burner stove circa 1955. Still has cardboard holder for tank, $25 SOLD - Coleman folding camp oven which I don't think was ever used. $7.53 which was the original price circa mid '60's Coleman coffeemaker circa 2005 in original box - free Torin 2 ton high position jack stand...
  3. oilbrnr

    Double Dorkel

    So since I haven't had much luck picking up chicks with one, figured I'd troll with two.
  4. oilbrnr

    Sold - Hi-lift jack 47" circa 1973, $25

    480.283.4918 Rio Verde Foothills.
  5. oilbrnr

    Sexy Lexey, dead (err won't start)

    So since getting the Power Wagon, I've admittedly not been driving her. Primary battery dead. Replaced both as they were from early '14. All I get still is just a click now. So my gut feel is solenoid. AFIAK it is the original starter. 200k. So... I really haven't done too much troubleshooting...
  6. oilbrnr

    5 General Grabber Red Letters, 315/75/16

    Took them off for the winter and was going to get a second set of rims to mount them on, but I really don't want to deal with storing them. They do a great job in rocks/sand and even mud, but suck ass in snow and ice. Of course that is not what Continental designed them for. Two of them have...
  7. oilbrnr

    A/C Blower motor R&R

    FSM says that the whole dash has to come out. Is that so for those that have done it, and is it a royal PITA or not too bad?
  8. oilbrnr

    80 vs. 100 series TCases - Flat towing question

    I have someone on a RV board asking me how I flat tow my 80 as Toyota says not to. He has an LX470. Is there any major difference in the TC's that anyone can see an issue? I'm pretty sure Christo now TOADs a 100. What about a GX (which I think is the Prado/4Runner platform, correct?)
  9. oilbrnr

    WTB - CHMSL (3rd stop light)

    Mine no workie. I just need the LED array. PM me, thanks.
  10. oilbrnr

    Sold - ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor - New in box

    Never installed, all parts still in factory sealed bags. Internet: $260+ Me: $225 PM if interested.
  11. oilbrnr

    WTB - Oak (tan) A-Pillar "oh sh!t" handle.

    Broke mine... Will be at the CSC meeting this Friday. Thx.
  12. oilbrnr

    RV Boondocking ideas in central-westernish AZ

    So kids have a couple of days off in Feb from school, and we'd like to take the RV out somewhere in the Wickenburg up to Kingman or over to Ashfork triangle area. Just wondering if any of you have some ideas where we could get more or less away from folks yet be able to get a 40' diesel pusher...
  13. oilbrnr

    Slee vs wife's Highlander

    Yup, she parked behind me and I had no clue when I went to take my daughter to a softball tournament early Sunday morning. Betting $2000 easy. Pretty sure it was the tire that hit as I can't see any damage to the Slee. First accident I've caused since 1986.
  14. oilbrnr

    2015 CSC Holiday Party - Signup Link

    Attendees as of 12/5: Saddletramp - 2 Rudster - 1 Murf - 1? Verruckt1 - 1? Chaos55 - 1? Redmuttonchops - 1? Brices123 - 6 ScottyDog - 2ish rctoyota - 1 Cruzmama - 4ish Dissent - 4 Cruddz - 2 Pitch - 2 yjeff - 2 LCPhil - 2? The date remains the same, 12/12. I put a start time of 2pm but I'm...
  15. oilbrnr

    2015 CSC Holiday Party - Save the date

    *** UPDATE - Signup link attached. If you can think of additional items we might need, please send me a PM and I'll edit the signup *** --->>> Save the date folks, 12/12/15! I'll be posting up more info as it develops, but I wanted to get the...
  16. oilbrnr

    Anyone have a steering wheel I can barrow?

    The time has come to send mine off to Craft Customs in TX for rehab. Wondering if anybody has one that I could use for a few weeks.
  17. oilbrnr

    Puma compressor to LCP mounting plate, rubber isolation or not?

    I'm tempted to ditch the rubber feet and just mount it directly to the the plate. Otherwise to do it correctly, seems like you'd need three layers of rubber; top, middle and below the LCP plate. Thought about using bushings from the top of our radiators with that shouldered bolt, though that...
  18. oilbrnr

    Puma mounting, bushings or not

    Figured I'd just post here as there are probably more Puma users per capita in AZ anyway. So I have it and LCP's mount. Should I just bolt that thing down, or to I go through the hassle of coming up with some sort of rubber isolation system? Seems like to do it right, you'd have to use bushings...
  19. oilbrnr

    Valley area exhaust recommendation

    So the time has come to do a manifold back exhaust rework, including going up and over the framerail. I ordered the Magnaflow SS downpipe with single cat, as my Y-pipe has been butchered by a PO. I will need to have the shop cut and rotate the MF cat, as it mounted horizontally instead of...
  20. oilbrnr

    Problem with MetricTLC Leather Kit - Support yet again = Vaporware

    Took advantage of Shane's discount back in December to order a new kit for my LX requesting two-tone. His darker tan, with the OE color insets where your butt and back would contact. He responded quickly; "I hate doing them. However, since we stock both colors I'm happy to make it happen." At...
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