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  1. Beau Diddly

    And so it begins, no more spark plugs

    I've been planning (over-planning?) the diesel swap for quite a long time. It was my intention to have a marathon HAMOM with Johnny in my driveway one weekend, but my time has run out. It kills me to have to say goodbye for now to my '94, but it will give me one more reason to look forward to...
  2. Beau Diddly

    Friday, 3/15 outing

    Dang, how many engines and trannies is he taking? Now I know why you need a lift to fit the Cummins 4BT.
  3. Beau Diddly

    Friday, 3/15 outing

    --EDIT-- Depending on when we finish and traffic, we'll meet around 6:00 at Pauley's Island Brewery, 2668 Industrial Ave, North Charleston, 29405. We may go to Munkle later, will play it by ear. If you come much later, text one of use to make sure we haven't moved.
  4. Beau Diddly

    Cars and Coffee March 16th and possible HAMOM

    I'll be there. Hey David, Johnny and I have a little project, reckon we could knock it out at the HAMOM?
  5. Beau Diddly

    For Sale / Wanted To Buy

    I'm cross-posting my son's '97 4R with rear lockers.
  6. Beau Diddly

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Cross-posting my son's '97 4R.
  7. Beau Diddly

    For Sale/Wanted To Buy

    This truck belonged to my neighbor who was a sales manager at Toyota, both both RH & FA. It was a trade-in to the dealer and he jumped on it. One of his mechanics started in the early 1990s and always liked working on the 80s, and he was the one who maintained it. I have since forgiven Erik...
  8. Beau Diddly

    Friday, 3/15 outing

    On Friday, Johnny C is going to be in town and he and I are going out for dinner and a good beer. If you want to join us, let me know. Time and location TBD, but guessing late PM to dinner time. We'll try to pick a place that also serves Mountain Dew.
  9. Beau Diddly

    For Sale/Wanted To Buy

    For sale: 1997 4Runner Limited, 3.4L, rear diff lockers This is my son's truck that he bought about a year ago. He's now in the Army and wants me to sell it for him. The odometer is broken, but based on PO and timing belt date, it has about 220K miles. A/C works well, diff lockers engage...
  10. Beau Diddly

    Cars and Coffee this Saturday 2/23/19

    I'll be there.
  11. Beau Diddly

    Looking for a '96-'98 diesel

    I'm moving to Germany and will be there 3+ years. I'd like to get a '96-'98 diesel 4-door, that way it will be 25 y/o and I can bring it back to the US when I return. I've heard there can be issues with the 4.0 D-4d, any thoughts? Any other recommendations when looking for one?
  12. Beau Diddly

    Goodbye...for now

    In early April we will be moving to the Rheinland-Pfalz area of Germany. I'm anticipating 2-3 years, and we will return since I'm not selling our house. I have mixed feelings, but mostly good since we know this is temporary. While a G-Wagon is tempting, they're still expensive. I'm looking...
  13. Beau Diddly

    Introduce Yourself

    With possibly one exception, everyone hates a RHD but you have to settle if you want a 70 series. Ironic, the Aussie is driving a LHD 40. Nice rig, looking forward to seeing you around.
  14. Beau Diddly

    Ignition cylinder vs. ignition switch, '97 4R

    I'm new here, usually on the Land Cruiser side of the house, but I'm working on my son's '97 4R. He finished boot camp in the Army, now he wants me to fix and sell his truck (why HE didn't before he left is a good question). When he turns off his ignition and removes the key, it beeps like he...
  15. Beau Diddly

    The Beer Thread

    Back in the spring, I went to Frühlingfest (Oktoberfest in the spring) in Stuttgart. The Schmuckers I brought home were fair/good. The better score was several days I spent driving through Belgium. I hit 4 of the 6 Trappist breweries, including the famous Westvleteren. In 2005,
  16. Beau Diddly

    Daily funny pics

    The Laminar Effect:
  17. Beau Diddly

    LCLC Chat

    You'll have a hard time keeping it "right" unless you prune some trees next to it--daylighting. Its clear that its leaning due to the weight of all the branches (+saturated ground) on the street side because that's where all of the sun is. Good luck!
  18. Beau Diddly

    Cruiser Spottings

    I spotted this ‘77 st Holy City Sign on Longpoint Rd next to Two Blokes. Billy just got it from his father-in-law, a 20 year barn find. He plans to do an LS swap.
  19. Beau Diddly

    23rd annual Town Of Mount Pleasant Christmas Parade

    My mechanic said I bought the wrong size drive belt, so I was a rider this year with Jason and his 60.
  20. Beau Diddly

    23rd annual Town Of Mount Pleasant Christmas Parade

    Just in...the rain is supposed to stop before the parade I'm hoping it will let up enough for me to finish changing the drive belts.
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