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  1. SuperDuperCruizer

    Identify this aftermarket 3B turbo setup

    A have a few questions regarding the following turbo setup: What exhaust manifold is this? Should the openings in the cylinder head have some sort of brass plugs? Who makes this turbo? Is this a home brew setup or an aftermarket offering?
  2. SuperDuperCruizer

    SOLD  09950-20017 TOYOTA SST Universal Puller

    SOLD Used 4-speed & 5-speed SST puller set on eBay. Priced accordingly due to condition, missing T-handle and missing 3 of the step plates. 09950-20017 Toyota SST Universal Puller Set Specialty Tool | eBay Discounted to $350.00 + shipping if you buy directly from me.
  3. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  Later Style Bib Hinge $20 + Shipping

    Blasted & E-coat; $20 + Shipping from 20912. Here's a set of pictures:
  4. SuperDuperCruizer

    MUDShip  Anyone near North Haven, CT heading south past the DC metro region?

    PM me, I need someone to pickup and item in North Haven, CT and be able to deliver near the DC metro area. Thanks, Rob
  5. SuperDuperCruizer

    45LV Rear View Mirror: OEM or Not?

    Found a rear view mirror rummaging around the wagon yesterday. Does anyone know if this is an LV mirror? Looks different from the pictures I’m finding in other postings I've seen.
  6. SuperDuperCruizer

    Alternative Source for Magnetic Valve - F Carburetor

    There's several of these for sale on eBay at the moment. This looks similar to the magnetic valve on an early F carb. I thought I saw somewhere these are difficult to source. Anyone know if these are a match? 1950'S AISAN ISO CLARK HYSTER TOYOTA YALE ALLIS FORKLIFT CARBURETOR NOS DO50-59 |...
  7. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  SOLD Early Steering Wheel $40

    Early steering wheel $40 + shipping from 20912.
  8. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  65 FJ40 Windshield Frame $100

    $100 + shipping; The windshield is rusting in one corner. Strange that the rest of the windshield is okay. The vent rubber and vent screen are in pretty good shape. Located near zip code 20912 Update: Removed the windshield and identified the reason for the rotted corner. There was a mouse...
  9. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  SOLD 8 track player Fujitsu Ten Unlimited $20 + shipping

    I bought this as pictured for the factory radio. I’m keeping the AM/FM radio. The factory radio it was attached to was working fine; however, I had no way of testing this 8-track player. The 8-tack player is what is for sale and it includes the mounting brackets. The original connectors are...
  10. SuperDuperCruizer

    Unknown 3 speed bell housing

    This came with an FJ45LV and original 3-speed. I can see the TEQ stamped the the transmission. The bell housing doesn't look original. Can anyone shed some light on this setup?
  11. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  $20 BJ42 Battery Trays

    Pickup or shipped on your dime from zip code 20912:
  12. SuperDuperCruizer

    eBay  Who's selling their wagon?

    Not mine but there's some hard to find parts with a low starting bid & no reserve. 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV | eBay
  13. SuperDuperCruizer

    craigslist  1970 FJ55 3sp $8900 Wilmington DE

    No affiliation; just thought I'd pass this along: RARE 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser LandCruiser FJ55 3sp 6yl 86k Miles Make
  14. SuperDuperCruizer

    SST 09530-35010 Differential Drive Pinion Adjust Gauge

    This SST has been discontinued for a while and when I happened to come across one, I jumped on it. It's possible to setup the pinion depth without the SST by trial and error; however, I'd prefer to focus this thread on the tool itself and how the service manual calls for its use.
  15. SuperDuperCruizer

    Real-time Help Needed for an H diesel (water pump)

    I bought a set of split rims from another mud member whose dropping them off on the way to his destination of Maine. Josh is enroute to Maine from Georgia in his HJ45 & his truck is starting to overheat. He recently swapped the thermostat and things were good for the first part of his road...
  16. SuperDuperCruizer

    Vacay to Nicaragua w/Hilux rental & diesel Toyotas Everywhere

    Landed in Managua late last night, picked up my rental this morning. Diesel 4-door Hilux, manual 6-speed. Why can't we have these back home (I know why... just sad that I can have one of my own)? About the only thing I didn't like about the truck was the transfer case wasn't setup for a...
  17. SuperDuperCruizer

    SOLD  New H55F Top Plate $140 + Shipping

    I purchased a new 5-speed and swapped out this 60-series top plate. I wanted to offer this up $140 + shipping.
  18. SuperDuperCruizer

    3B Head PO Removed Threaded Plug & Connected to Filter

    The threaded plug on the alternator side of my 3B's cylinder head was removed and a filter setup installed. I'm trying to go back to stock. Can someone enlighten me as to why someone would desire such a setup? I'm assuming this would filter the coolant but why? The filter housing is bolted...
  19. SuperDuperCruizer

    Mixing Alternator Parts: Pulley Nut Torque; Internally & Externally Regulated

    Mixing up alternator parts. I needed to swap pulleys with the correct off-set. My first question: What's the tightening torque of the pulley nut? I didn't find anything in search but I did find this: Alternator Pulley Removal and Installation Instructions My next question: How do you know...
  20. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  Early 4-speed (split transfer case)

    No transfer case; about 85k miles; as pictured; $75 + shipping from zip: 23696
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