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  1. boca1

    100 series sleeping setup?

    Can I ask where you bought the UHMW slide material?
  2. boca1

    100 series sleeping setup?

    looks like the land shark KISS set-up, I'll take them if you don't want them
  3. boca1

    100 series sleeping setup?

    got the drawers and made some pulls out of amsteel, 19.75 x 36 x 7"
  4. boca1

    100 series sleeping setup?

    pictures of your budget drawers? I'm planning on building a set up using 7" high drawers
  5. boca1

    100 series sleeping setup?

    Keep us posted on your design and build process
  6. boca1

    Finally completed the Air Down Gear Up DIY base + sleeper kit and drawers

    what are the measurement of the drawers?
  7. boca1

    LX470 Bouncing and Jarring Ride HELP

    Well that would be how I would describe my ride, great on everything but expansion joints and small cracks. Thanks
  8. boca1

    LX470 Bouncing and Jarring Ride HELP

    and how is the ride now?
  9. boca1

    Possibly a new place to get leather seats from?

    do you sell the center console and armrest covers separately?
  10. boca1

    Bay Area shop recs

    yes, I was going to have them do my lx470 timing belt, but just decided to try Ryan because he is closer to me, just notice your in Petaluma as well
  11. boca1

    Bay Area shop recs

    Getting the hubs off can either be straight forward or the biggest PIA, maybe why? I've been happy with yodaluma, they did a great job on my timing belt/wp/belts, and have heard good things about yodaman in santa rosa
  12. boca1

    Bay Area shop recs

    find a good local toyota shop, these cars are great, but other than AHC, most good mechanics know how to wrench on these.
  13. boca1

    AHC fluid out of stock nationally, any ideas where else to get?

    same thing but in 1 quart bottles, buy 3
  14. boca1

    SOLD Arizona, Phoenix: SolarScreen - 100 Series Window Shades

    pictures would help, what brand are the front cab?
  15. boca1

    For Sale Sold

    I know exactly that feeling having live here my entire 50+ years, luckily I no longer have to leave the house to earn a living
  16. boca1


    have you tried your old hub flange? when I did this a few weeks back the hub flange just slide right on all the way to the hub and then I had to pull the axle to get the cir-clip on
  17. boca1

    For Sale Sold

    get a parking space or move closer to work, you are going to kick yourself if you sell it
  18. boca1

    100 series timing belt replacement cost?

    timing belt, WP, Gaskets Thermostat, idler and tensioner bearings 2 gal oem coolant and greased DS, $1150 last month, 6.5 hour job
  19. boca1

    I’m ok. Trucks not.

    ouch, glad you are ok, how far up that hill did you get before rolling back
  20. boca1

    04 LX pre purchase

    wow, drivers seat looks amazing for 175k
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