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  1. caslim

    total composites - panels

    Has anyone used these for constructing a trailer? I am thinking of using for the roof. You can get up to 78" wide.
  2. caslim

    Trailer door trim /closer

    Okay. I need to be schooled on how to properly build a trailer door and trim. My goal is to have flush doors with the side walls. I've seen this on other adventure trailers. I would buy a preformed door. However, I have custom dimensions for the doors, and they are extremely expensive...
  3. caslim

    Spring lift mechanism

    Anyone know where to purchase a set of these? Can't find anywhere but Australia, and they won't ship here. It's a lift assist for a camper roof.
  4. caslim

    For Sale  Riverside: China hardtop roof tent

    For Sale: 2018 hardtop roof tent. Looks very similar to the autohome design. Only used 3 times. Need to sell to fund my trailer build 🏗 -Size - 54x80" -All hardware included to mount to roof rack. -Has side Awnings integrated -Telescoping ladder Super solid. PM me any questions. Price...
  5. caslim

    5Overland Trailer build

    Starting to make progress on this build so I figured I would start to document. Trailer was purchased from a local guy that built six trailers with military beds and a custom chasis. I picked this one because it had the military bed, which I knew would be stout. The day we picked it up...
  6. caslim

    Overcharging after water crossing - need advice

    Issue - battery overcharging after water crossing. Water was deep, however did not go over hood. The charging finally went back to normal after about 10 miles. Drove all the way home with no issues. Now, truck will not start. Just clicks once when turning over. All lights and audio work...
  7. caslim

    For Sale  Riverside CA: Gobi ladder lower attachment

    For sale is a Gobi ladder lower attachment. Brand new. Going a different route. $50. Fits LX470. In socal.
  8. caslim

    LX rear ladder

    What do you guys think? Working on a new ladder concept. Finalizing the lower attachment, then getting it powder coated.
  9. caslim

    TB and AHC

    My TB bolts sits below the bracket as seen in the pictures. Is this hindering anything? They are backed out a little so that I can reach at least 6mpa on the front. I have the sway-a-way TB's which are 32mm.
  10. caslim

    For Sale  18" LX470 wheels & 275/70/18 BF Goodrich KO2

    For Sale: 18 inch LX470 wheels and BF Goodrich KO2 275/70/18 (33 in). 5x150 lug pattern with 60mm offset. 65-70% tread left. Comes with lug nuts and locking nut w/ key. SOLD Riverside, CA USA
  11. caslim

    Icon Speed 6 wheels

    Anyone running the speed 6 wheels on the 100 series? Thoughts?
  12. caslim

    Swayaway Torsion Bars

    Torsion Bar Set - Toyota F100, Land Cruiser (Late Model) & LX470 Gas - Sway-A-Way | Racing Technology I noticed a handful of people that have these have been impressed on the performance. Price has come way down from what they were originally. Any recent updates on how they are holding up?
  13. caslim

    For Sale  LX470 OEM roof rack

    For Sale: OEM roof rack from 2004 LX470. Comes with everything ready to mount. Location: Riverside, CA Local pickup only $100
  14. caslim

    Rear lower hatch strut option

    Has anyone looked into putting a strut/shock on the rear lower hatch? A buddy of mine did this on his truck. Definitely a great upgrade if it can be done.
  15. caslim

    Replace powered antenna mast with static one

    Hey Guys, Been trying to research if anyone has replaced their powered mast with a flexible static one? Looking to replace my broken one, but I'd rather just use a shorter antenna mast that is static. Something like this. Any thoughts? Would this work if I removed the motor?
  16. caslim

    Geo Adventure Awning tent

    Anyone have experience with these? Products – Item Profile - Geo Adventure Gear Got rid of the RTT, and looking for an awning tent. I know OZtent makes one.
  17. caslim

    craigslist  285 60 18 Cooper Discoverer HT Plus

    For Sale: 4 - 285/60/18 Cooper Discoverer HT Plus SUV tires Tires have less than 2500 miles on them! $385 for all 4. The Discoverer H/T Plus is an extension of Cooper's Discoverer H/T SUV / light truck touring line that features sport truck and original equipment sizing in a non-directional...
  18. caslim

    TJM rear HD coil springs - LX470

    Will these work well on an 04 LX470? Current springs are weak and sag. It feels like the AHC is having to overcompensate for the weak springs. Planning to add a rear bumper soon as well.
  19. caslim

    04 LX470 parking assist

    Hey Guys. Picked up my first LX470. Love it! I've been searching quite extensively on weather or not the 04 LX470 has parking assist, which most resources say it does. However, I cannot find anything on how it is enabled/used. Are there sensors in the bumpers for monitoring close...
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