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    Pink BVSV Replacement

    Been a while..whats the procedure to replace the pink BVSV? I broke mine i guess while replacing the WP, fan clutch, and radiator.:ban:
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    For Sale  FJ 62 Electric Mirrors For Sale

    I have used pair of FJ62 series electric mirrors. They were painted flat black. $120.00 plus the ride. Reason for selling is I upgraded to Euro spec mirrors. I'll try to post pics later today or tomorrow.
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    Radiator woes

    Well, it finally happened. My OEM radiator finally shot craps. I had it resealed by radiator shop year 18 months ago. Well In ready to tear in again. And this time all new parts: New Spectra premium 4 row brass radiator New Aisin water pump New Aisin fan clutch New OEM radiator cap New...
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    Alternative uses for Toyota Jack

    Ok, thought I would start new are best sometime. I was working on my lake shack today, keeping the queen happy, and we needed to tie in our walls to the sill plate. The walls are not straight. If we did not have thousands in new windows I would have beat on walls from outside to...
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    1985 FJ60 Rear Sway Bar

    look Well here are pics of 'new' sway bar and links from SOR. Install was not too bad. One issue is the tailpipe.(last pic) It s rubbing on uppers DS link which in turn caused it to push pipe against my new Toyota 31x10.5 spare. Started to put burn mark on tire..:bang: So took spare off its...
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    What is this outlet?

    OK I replaced my cig lighter, not hard job for that. However had a dificulty with the dash bezel. It was cracker in 2 places, epoxy fixes easy, but two of th screw holes fell apart when I removed it. I did not want to spend $$ on the bezel. So I improvised and blocked one end with putty...
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    Radiator Repair

    Well my radiator decided to start leaking last week, so I bit the bullet and had radiator repaired. Why...after pulling everything which was original out there were the cost $$$ of everything. Replacement grill..thanks to Cruiser Corp for replacement, and fellow Mud member for a almost...
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    Where in the FSM is the radiator removal?

    I have good idea what to do, and l like to have the FSM as a backup reference...I have downloaded n just can't find it..not listed under cooling system.
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    What Adhesive to use for Trim Carpet?

    I have question with what is best, price is not important, to use to re-glue the lower trim pieces of carpet to the door cards. Mine are separating. Carpet is in very good condition. Thanks
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    1985 FJ60 Progess

    Ok after finally getting her running with a JimC rebuild:beer:, complete replacement of all vacuum hoses (BoostController), coolant/radiator/heater hoses sourced with Oem or Gates, replaced all belts, flushes cooling system and replaced thermostat and gaskets, thankfully no.issues with the...
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    Is there a correct method to tightening the drive belts on FJ60 2F

    I am replacing all belts, hoses, filters, etc. as this vehicle sat for 4 yrs before I got it running, in part to Jim C. the LC Guru, he rebuilt the carburetor to stock and now it runs great. Question is in the title, is there a correct way to tighten and adjust new belts, I.e. install belt...
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