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    Hows it going guys. This morning I started up my 99 LC to find out brakes only worked at about the bottom inch of the pedal stroke followed by the ABS and BRAKE light on with an alarm. Saturday I got stuck in about 2 feet of mud got pulled out and drove it for 3 days with no issues everything...
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    Jerking idle.... cylinder coils?

    Today my 1999 land cruiser with 437k miles on it check engine light turned on and when ideling and going at slow speeds say from a red light taking off the car has a jerking feel it almost like the cylinders are not firing all the way. What could this be? Im thinking the cylinder coils? If so is...
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    A/C free-on hose leak

    yet another question, so my a/c coolant/free-on hose has a leak in it so when I charge my a/c she will run good for about 1-2 days and then will go back to blowing room temp air. I have tried the indicator and sealant which worked well for a couple of days but eventually failed me. I took it to...
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    cherry bomb exhaust

    Whats going on guys, so I had a few questions in regards to exhaust modifications... so I was think one of the two options both being for the pure reason to hear the roar of the 4.7l v8. I was going to 1. remove stock muffler and replace it with a cherry bomb glass back with the stock resonator...
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    head over wheels right now

    Whats going on guys, so im currently faced with a issue. I wake up to find one of my tires completley blow out.. I was not overly suprised as i made the mistake of buying 4 bfg at 265/75/16 on craigslist at night.... ya night being a key word. with that being said i had them installed the next...
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    painting trim on 100 series black

    Really want to paint the trim and badges on my white 99' 100 series. With that being said has anyone else done this? Pictures would be great! I was thinking about using Plasti-dip anyone else use this or something else?
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    Budget 100 series build as a teen!!

    hey guys! im new here have always lerked the fourms and been in awe of your guys rigs!!! I drive a 1999 4.7l cruiser with 432,000 miles on it. below is a picture of my current rig. Im 16 and an aspiring overlander im an avid mountain biker and love a rig that can take me to remote places. What...
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