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    Seat swap question. Yes I used search

    I put in seats out of a 2011 Tacoma in my 93 I had to fab up my own brackets but they fit fine.
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    Wanted 95-97 FZJ80

    I have a White 97 Collectors edition that I may be putting up for sale 140000 miles text me if your interested Brett 435-720-1882
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    Wanted Low mileage white 3x locked 80

    I have a 97 white Collectors I have a white 97 collectors edition tan interior 140000 miles That I may be putting up for sale if your interested call or text me Brett 435-720-1882
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    Wanted 95-97 FZJ80 White

    I have a 97 Collectors edition white with tan with 140000 miles that I may be putting up for sale if your interested call or text me Brett 435-720-1882
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    Looking to Purchase a stock 93 FJ80 w/128K - asking price is $19K!!! What's it really worth?

    I have a white 97 Collectors edition with a 140000 miles in excellent condition that I will sell you for 15,000 dollars
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    Wanted WARN 4 PIN Winch Controller needed

    I have one if you call me I can text you a photo to make sure it's what you need 4357201882 Brett
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    Wanted 95 to 97 FJ80 or LX450. Cash in hand

    I have a 97 white collectors edition with 140000 miles brand new Ome stock height springs and new Toyota factory shocks it has 17 inch Tacoma wheels with 5 new 285/70/17 Goodyear duratracs excellent shape needs nothing if you're interested I may be putting it up for sale 435-720-1882 or you can...
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    Tell Us About Your Replacement Seats

    I put a set of seats out of a 2011 Tacoma in my 93 had to fab up my own mounting brackets and weld the sliders to them they turned out awesome way more comfortable and lots more adjustment fore and aft pretty dam good color match also
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    what seats can I put in my Landcruiser

    I just got done putting a set of seats out of a Tacoma in my 94 I used the factory bracket as a guide to fab up new brackets for the Tacoma seatsI cut off factory mounts for Tacoma so it was just down to the sliders which are 17 wide the lc sliders are 14 I used 1/4 x 1 flat bar to copy and also...
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    Wanted 1995-97 Land Cruiser or LX450 wheels , SO CAL

    I have a couple sets of landcruiser wheels 93/94 I think they're the same as 95/97 I also have asset of Collector edition for a97 but not sure if I wNt to sell those yet
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    For Sale Stock FZFE wheels 2 sets

    Your right my fat fingers 265/70/16 I corrected myself
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    For Sale Stock FZFE wheels 2 sets

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    Parting Out  94 white

    I will be slowly parting out A 94 white cruiser with manual leather seats 1st and second row only drivers side a little rough passenger in good shape it has been wrecked in the front end so no grill fenders or radiator support 271000 miles ran good before it was wrecked I was able do drive it...
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    For Sale  Stock FZFE wheels 2 sets

    one off a 93 tires are shot one set off a 94 with 3/4 tread Goodyear Duratracs if interested let me know I will have to get some photos when weather is better 350.00 for 93 500.00 for 94 plus shipping
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    Wanted 80 Series Tan Carpet

    Stock interiors has them.
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    Wrecked 94 what's it worth?

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    Wrecked 94 what's it worth?

    Left front damage with frame damage 271000 miles everything thing else is in pretty good shape no lockers
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    1FZ Fuel Filter Relocation

    Interested pending pricing great idea.
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    Valve body upgrade Wholesale Automatics Australia

    Anybody have any experience with these valve body upgrades from wholesale automatics from Australia any info would be appreciated thanks
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    1FzFe weight?

    does any one have an estimated or accurate weight on a 1fzfe motor including trans and transfer case out of a 94 I'm trying to get an estimate for shipping any help would be appreciated thanks happy new year.
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