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  1. slcfj62

    LED Headlights for FJ60 and FJ62 Landcruisers

    I've been getting this question more frequently as the cost of LED headlights has come down out of the stratosphere. They are now just a little more expensive than the best Halogen headlights, and so there is a lot more interest in them. Before you whip out your credit card, there are a couple...
  2. slcfj62

    Auxiliary Relay Panel Give Away

    OOOOOPS. Duplicate thread. Go here to see the correct thread:
  3. slcfj62

    Auxiliary Relay Panel Give Away

    I have been making headlight harnesses for FJ62s, FJ60s and FJ40s as well as Auxiliary Relay Panels for some time now based on the Bussmann fuse/relay module. I am just a few units away from shipping number 600. I have sold a lot of Auxiliary Relay Panels to a wide variety of...
  4. slcfj62

    Auxiliary Relay Panel Give-away

    Sorry, duplicate thread. Please go here for the correct one:
  5. slcfj62

    dimming after market radio panel lights

    Red Rattler posed a dash lights question that reminded me of a quirk that our dash lights have. The rheostat that dims the dash lights is on the ground side of the lights. The rest of the automotive universe has the rheostat on the 12 volt side of the circuit. What this means is that any...
  6. slcfj62

    Getting back to headlight harnesses

    I'm just about ready to start building headlight harnesses again. Some of you asked to be put on a waiting list for when I got back into it. Sad to say, I had a computer event and my waiting list was a casualty. So, If you would like either a headlight harness (FJ62, FJ60, FJ40) or an...
  7. slcfj62

    Harness building for those inclined

    I have received many emails and PMs since I posted that I had to suspend harness building operations. It appears a number of you would like to take a crack at building one of these and would like information about where to get components. I have not had time to respond to all of you. I apologize...
  8. slcfj62

    FJ55 headlight wiring same as FJ40?

    Can someone tell me if the headlight circuits in FJ40s and FJ55s are the same and if not how they differ? Or, better yet, any diagrams floating around for FJ55 headlight wiring?
  9. slcfj62

    McNamara Gear

    So I emailed the fine folks in Australia as to the current price of the McNamara Gear. $350 + $80 shipping. :eek: No dealer in America. I thought about calling Toyota for the price of the transmission output shaft, but then realized that the inside of the gear in the transfer case that...
  10. slcfj62

    Free FJ62 shackes, pins, U-Bolts and sway bar links.

    I just posted up in the parts forum this free offer. Click the link below if you are interested:
  11. slcfj62

    FREE FJ62 shackles, pins, U-Bolts and sway bar links

    Last year, I installed a new OME suspension under my 1988 FJ62. I was prepared to do battle getting the old suspension off, but had no issues. Did not have to apply any heat, and there is no rust on the parts I took off. Been cleaning my garage today and came across the box with all the left...
  12. slcfj62

    12HT A440 vs 3FE A440

    Can anyone articulate the difference between the A440? that Toyota mated to the 12HT and the A440F that Toyota mated to the 3FE gasser? Can the A440F that came mated to the 3FE be made to work with the 12HT?
  13. slcfj62

    Relay choices

    Relays are a funny beast. Their origins go way back to the early days of electricity. By the time the transistor ushered in the semiconductor age, relays were antique technology. The funny thing is, nothing truly better that does the same thing as relays for the price has come along. As a...
  14. slcfj62

    Engine swap taboos for USA

    With all the great engine swaps that can be done (V-8, diesel, etc) I have been mulling over my options. I really like the Isuzu diesel and have been leaning that direction. So I decided to check with my local emissions control people to see what the regulations are in this regard. There are...
  15. slcfj62

    HJ60 headlight diagram request

    I'm appealing to those of you that have Canadian HJ60s. I need a pic of the headlight diagram from your FSM. I have searched and searched and have not found an HJ60 diagram for the 24 volt system with the 12 volt headlights. All the HJ60 diagrams I have found are for straight 24 volt systems...
  16. slcfj62

    Need diagram for 24 volt landcruiser with 12 volt headlights

    I'm trying to design a headlight harness for a 24 volt landcruiser with 12 volt headlights. From what I am told, Toyota accomplished this with centertapping between the batteries. So, does anyone have a diagram of this phenomenon that they can email to me? I need the parts of the diagram that...
  17. slcfj62

    Hella ECE headlights for FJ62

    In my opinion, Cibie headlights are about as good as it gets for headlights for an FJ62. But they are no longer available new. The best I have found at this point are Hella ECE H1 and H4 headlights. The H4 has a nice sharp vertical cutoff nearly as good as the Cibie and the beam intensity is...
  18. slcfj62

    HJ61 headlight diagram

    Can one of you Canadian cruiserheads post up the electrical diagram of your HJ61? If you can take a pic of just the headlight diagram and the battery connect scheme that would be good.
  19. slcfj62

    Wanted  A440F wanted for cheap

    Anyone in the Salt Lake City, Utah area have an A440F transmission they want to get rid of? I'm looking for one for free or really cheap. I want to tear it down and teach myself how to rebuild it before I tackle the one in my FJ62. Really cheap means under $100.
  20. slcfj62

    Wanted  Need FJ62 rear heater bezel

    Need the rear heater bezel for my FJ62. It's the gray plastic part in the pic with the big chip taken out of it.
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