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  1. Acadia

    Misc Toyota parts (Olathe, KS)

    SOLD everything
  2. Acadia

    My 69' fj40 project needs a new home

    FIRE SALE!!! My 69' fj40 project needs a new home NEW PRICE $3500.00 I need to raise some funds for a new tractor so some of my other toys need to find new homes :frown: I currently have it listed on craigslist for $4500.00 1969 Toyota landcruiser But thought I would see if any of...
  3. Acadia

    Looking to get a set of alloy wheels media blasted

    Anyone know of a place local that would media blast or soda blast a set of alloy tundra wheels at a decent price?
  4. Acadia

    1980's Green fj40 in Olathe

    anyone on here own a green 1980's 40? spotted it outside the lowes store off of 135th and blackbob, looked pretty clean!
  5. Acadia

    for all your Fab. supplies

    If any of you guys are looking for steel or aluminum for any of your projects give Brent a call at Jim's Custom welding. They are a great bunch of guys and have very good pricing. Plus if you don't want to fab up something yourself they can help you out with that as well! contact info...
  6. Acadia

    Happy Holidays TAC!!!

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be safe if you are traveling! Jeremy Scotton
  7. Acadia

    selling the 60 :-(

    The time has come for me to sell the 60 and get a truck to tow the 40 with. I would keep it but I have run out of space and the wife would like to put her car in the garage one day :-) So I thought I would offer it up here first before putting it on craigslist. what I have is a 84' fj60 with...
  8. Acadia

    1991 Suburban 2500 for towing???

    looking for a truck to use for towing the 40 and ran across a clean 4x4 1991 Suburban with a 350 in it. any opinions on this truck for towing? or issues i should be aware of?
  9. Acadia

    8274 with bad motor

    what would be a fair price for a 8274 with a bad motor?
  10. Acadia

    another "NEW" rig thread and need some parts

    the new resident of the garage is a 69' fj40 (thanks Mwalls54 for your help today!!!) but it looks like I am going to need a few things. specifically a 4 speed trans and transfer case to replace the 3 speed trans and transfer case that are in it. anyone looking to part ways with theirs?
  11. Acadia

    ARB on the 4runner

    after more than a year of drooling over other peoples front bumpers on their 4runners I finaily bit the bullet and bought an ARB from a local dealer. anyway here is a picture of the finished product. sorry no install pictures. now I just need to get cracking on the rear bumper :)
  12. Acadia

    Easter expedition

    well I took the 60 on a little 10hr round trip back home to Iowa for easter with the family. I got what I thought was great gas mileage - 16.4 mpg :clap: cruised along at 65mph the whole way. I noticed something funny with the clutch/tranny while on the trip that I am trying to figure out. I...
  13. Acadia

    3rd members

    anyone have front and rear 3rd members that will fit a 96-02 4runner that they would like to part ways with?
  14. Acadia

    ARB products in the KC area

    If anyone is looking for any ARB products locally give Inland Truck Parts in Olathe a call. Just ordered a bumper for the 4runner from them and I got a pretty good deal! 913-492-7559 ask for Pete (he owns a Jeep but I think we can let it slide :p)
  15. Acadia

    short or long rear inspection cover stud?

    Quick question does an 84' 60 take long or short studs for the rear diff inspection cover? need to replace a few after the aussie locker install.
  16. Acadia

    fj60 fuel tank needed

    anyone have a non-leaking fuel tank that they would like to part ways with?
  17. Acadia

    Gear Oil, what are you running?

    I am trying to find out what everyone is running for gear oil? I did a search and it didn't bring back much for results:( My FSM says I should be running SAE 90 in the diffs, transmission and transfer case but I haven't found anyplace that carries straight 90w. at least nothing that is GL-5...
  18. Acadia

    Running Cold

    OK I think I already know the answer to this question but I am looking for someone to till me I am correct. issue: With the temperatures dropping around here the 60 doesn't want to come up to it's normal operarting temp. heater isn't blowing out much heat either. solution: place cardboard in...
  19. Acadia

    What battery are you running in your 4runners/tacos?

    what brands are you running in your trucks? anyone had any experience with the exide orbital battery? terminals seem to be located in middle of battery and was wondering if the 4runner cables would reach? originally thought about an optima but it has been tough to find a 34r.
  20. Acadia

    transmission cooler

    what size coolers are you guys running? inlet/outlet size? looking at putting one on the 2000 4runner.
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