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  1. FnLexus

    For Sale Tracy CA OzTent RV5 with Annex

    We love it, we just don’t have a rig anymore and camp in an RV mostly these days. It’s agreat for two XL cots in the main tent, with a toilet or small cooking area in the annex. Plenty of room for several people or two people and gear. Very versatile. I’ve camped in 50mph+ winds with torrential...
  2. FnLexus

    For Sale Tracy CA OzTent RV5 with Annex

    Stayed toasty in 30 degree weather.
  3. FnLexus

    For Sale Tracy CA OzTent RV5 with Annex

    Last weekend in the Sierra at 6k feet.
  4. FnLexus

    For Sale  Tracy CA OzTent RV5 with Annex

    Selling my OzTent Rv5. It includes the deluxe side and front panels. It also includes the mesh floor saver. Save yourself $500+ shipping and buy this gently used setup. Located in Tracy CA $1000 firm.
  5. FnLexus

    For Sale 97 LX450 TRD S/C, Armor, 35's NorCal

    I will snap a pic when I get a chance.
  6. FnLexus

    For Sale 97 LX450 TRD S/C, Armor, 35's NorCal

    Sorry to those I never got back to. Got slammed with life (work). Ive decided to drop the price, I want to get this truck sold so I can move past the thought of selling it. The price is now $18.500. This reflects the few things that need attention. Serious inquries only please.
  7. FnLexus

    Trade 02 tacoma ltd for 80

    So when you repost the ad, goto the link in the email. When the manage ad page comes up, copy and past the web address where it says "your posting can be seen here".
  8. FnLexus

    Trade 02 tacoma ltd for 80

    Hey man, you posted the manage ad link. Anyone that clicks that link can edit your posting. I have my 80 for sale btw. Check out my ad.
  9. FnLexus

    For Sale  97 LX450 TRD S/C, Armor, 35's NorCal

    Im posting my cruiser up as a FEELER. Not totally convinced im ready to sell. Mileage - 17x,xxx Suspension - Slee 4", with Slee castor plates, and Landtank extended HD rear lower arms. Armor - Slee Off Road Shortbus front bumper 4x4 Labs Rear bumper with tire carrier, hilift jack mount, 3...
  10. FnLexus

    Jailbreaked Firestick

    Order a factory one on Amazon (they go on sale often) and do it yourself. The fire tv guru team has great videos on setting up their build. After a while if you decide you like it, buy the fire tv box ( faster precessor and hardwire capability). I havent had cable since Jan.
  11. FnLexus

    Jailbreaked Firestick
  12. FnLexus

    4x4LABS...any issues with them?

    If it was three weeks to a month, i'd start asking around. After a week, your just being impatient lol. Fab shop guys are notorious for being terrible communicators.
  13. FnLexus

    Front swaybar quick disconnects revisited and tested

    Interested as well. Havent seen any kind of write up on these, care to share?
  14. FnLexus

    Bug: iPhone redirects tO fake Facebook popup

    Here are a couple more
  15. FnLexus

    Drooping sunvisor fix?

  16. FnLexus

    My '97 FZJ is leaking water on passenger side?

  17. FnLexus

    iPhone Mud Issues

    Im getting it worse today than before. Adtrackking and vigital something or other.
  18. FnLexus

    Rolling the dice on this fridge 63QQT $270 shipped

    I do, message me.
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