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  1. OldRocDoc

    '74 FJ40 Ignitor Question

    I am restoring a June 1974 FJ40. At some point in its history, the igniter and electrical connector to the wiring harness were removed. I purchased a used igniter assembly (89620-22011) that I believe was used on CA-spec Cruisers from 9/73 to 6/74 (Thank you Pardion). The wiring colors...
  2. OldRocDoc

    Tailgate Measurements

    I am working on a '74 FJ40 resto project. There was some rust in the rear sill and I have replaced the entire sill with an aftermarket unit from Cool Cruisers. Although the new sill contains captured nuts for the spare tire carrier, it does not include a hole or bung for the door retainer pin...
  3. OldRocDoc


    Does anyone have, or know of a place where I might be able to rent a 7'x36' car hauler trailer with a bumper hitch in late April to early May. I want to do a Moab + Sand Hollow trip with both of my trucks. I can tow the TOY with the new truck, but I am not keen on doing it for that many miles...
  4. OldRocDoc

    SOLD  Toyota Knuckle Alignment SST

    I have a Toyota knuckle alignment (centering) SST (09634-60013) that I no longer need. Asking $75 plus shipping from La Center, WA, 98629.
  5. OldRocDoc

    Extended Cab Old Red Farm Truck

    A number of folks have asked me to post more pictures and information on IH8MUD of my extended cab FJ45. I think this is perhaps the most appropriate forum (if moderator disagrees, feel free to delete). Rather than crosspost or repeat what has already been posted, I will simply provide...
  6. OldRocDoc

    Turn Signal Wiring ?

    I purchased a set of aftermarket turn signals for my FJ45 project. The wire colors do not correspond to any published diagrams that I have found: Red with blue stripe Green with yellow stripe Green Any ideas on which is ground, running and turn?
  7. OldRocDoc

    Wanted  FJ40 Windshield Wiper Motor

    I am looking for a complete windshield wiper motor assembly including the pivot/link arms. It has to be from a 1978-84 FJ40. I am hoping someone has a damaged windshield frame that might contain a complete wiper assembly. Any help will be sincerely appreciated. __________________
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