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  1. Blue 60

    Odd E-locker Trouble

    I've looked at the threads and can't seem to find a similar issue as what I'm running into. (I have the 7-pin mod and the center diff lock switch installed. For your reference.) When I engage the center diff lock and then try to engage the rear diff, it won't engage and stay engaged if there...
  2. Blue 60

    Synthetic winch rope group buy interest

    I am looking into 1/2" (12mm) syn. winch rope for my 12k winch. This is 24k min. breaking strength which allows for using a snatch block at max pulling power... I have found a supplier who can deliver it to me for $185-190 per 100' section. Just rope, no thimbles, hooks, not spliced. Any...
  3. Blue 60

    Synthetic winch line - Possible group buy

    I am looking at purchasing some synthetic winch line for my 12K winch. The correct load rating for that would be 24k minimum average breaking strength (for when you use a snatch block; doubles line load). The closest synthetic line size is 1/2" (12mm) which has a minimum breaking strength of...
  4. Blue 60

    For Sale  [IA] 1994 1FZ motor, A442 trans, more

    Parts for sale: All from 1994 FZJ 80 series. 1FZ-FE motor - mileage (166,163) - $900 UPDATED A442 transmission - $450 Transfer case - $225 Good frame, minimal rust - $400 Prices do not include shipping. Local pickup welcome.
  5. Blue 60

    Winter Work

    Well, after a great trip to SMORR for the TAC event, the 80 needed some love. Apparently during the summer they had 30" of rain in a week and it greatly changed all of the trails. So, I ended up on a few that didn't like the 80's body too much. That and it needed some rust work.... Oh, and I...
  6. Blue 60

    What second event to attend this year?

    I'm looking at attending a second midwest-ish event this fall and wanted to hear from anyone who has been to either one I'm considering. I'll be at Tall Corn, but need to choose between the following two. 1st - Fall crawl'n w/ TAC. I've been to smorr once before, but it's been a while...
  7. Blue 60

    Non-wheeling 4x4 event

    I was approached last week about any interest from the "Toyota" world in regards to a non-wheeling event in Waterloo. It would be put on by a local group and held at the National Cattle Congress grounds. It is scheduled for the weekend before Tall Corn this year. I thought maybe we could have...
  8. Blue 60

    new goodies....

    So, about a month ago, the gas door fell off in my hands while filling up. So I needed to order a new one and while I was at it I ordered a CDL switch for my 80. So it finally got here and I got it installed. Works great! No pics. (Just imagine a black rectangular button... :flipoff2:) Now...
  9. Blue 60

    93 transmission question(s)

    A little history.... I purchased a '93 fzj a little over a year ago and about 6 months later I began to notice some "slipping" issues. Fast forward to early december of 08. I had the transmission replaced with a used 100K unit. None of the previous issues exist anymore, but I have a few new...
  10. Blue 60

    Hi-Lift storage

    For those of you with a hi-lift and no exterior mounting place for you, where do you attach it inside? I have seen it stored in the footwell area the second row, but my kids have there feet there. Accidents can happen anywhere, so i would like to find a good spot for it to go that is safe and...
  11. Blue 60

    '93 Transmission Q's

    About a month ago I joined the 80 club and now I'm in the process of doing pm stuff. My transmission has been acting up as it shifts from 1st to 2nd gear. It either has a second or so lag while shifting or slips out momentarily after it changes gears, but only between 1st and 2nd. I've...
  12. Blue 60

    Bhcc 08?

    Any official word on BHCC 08? Just trying to plan for all the summer.... :D Also, all the threads I've seen on the BHCC are of more extreme trails. Are there any threads or photo galleries of some stock to moderate trails? Thanks, Blue 60
  13. Blue 60

    New member to the family

    We added a new member to the family during this bitter cold weekend. Some of you might recognize the garage, the dog and P.O. in the background. ;):idea: It was looking for a new home and we gave it one. These are all the pics that I have of it now. Jim
  14. Blue 60

    Bearing packing/Knuckle servicing/whatever weekend?

    Is anyone interested in doing some kind of vehicle servicing day this fall? The knuckles on my 60 need new seals and such. And I need to install a new oil pan gasket. Anyone else need to do similar things to thier truck(s)? My dad has a large garage/shop that we could work on the vehicles in...
  15. Blue 60

    Knuckle servicing

    If one was to order a kit from MAF or another vendor, is that all you need for parts to service the knuckles on a 60. My 60 has 150,xxx on the clock, so I would assume that it would probably be best to replace the bearings? I know someone who has tools, so that isn't an issue. Also, does...
  16. Blue 60

    Help. Gassy smell in cab and engine bay

    There is a strong gasoline odor coming somewhere from my 60 series. I followed the fuel line from thegas tank to the carb and there were nor leaks. When idling at a stop light or even driving slowly, the odor is sucked into the cab. At highway speeds it goes away. With the garage door shut it...
  17. Blue 60

    Locking Diffs

    So, here's my question. 80's series can lock both the front and rear diffs if they have the elec. lockers or an aftermarket locker. And if you put the correct switch in, you can have a selectable center diff as well..... So, with the 60 series transfer case, is it locked (50/50 power split)...
  18. Blue 60

    80 Series options and standards

    I read that ALL 80 series built for the U.S. for 94 and later had diff. locks as a standard feature, not an option.... Is there any validity to this? The source was If it is true, that would make looking for a locked cruiser easier..... Thanks, Blue 60
  19. Blue 60

    Roof Rack Mounts

    I know that several roof rack companies sell their own mounts for their racks and that the general concensus is that Quick & Easy makes a really great product, but what has been your experience with Thule mounts? How much weight or what have you thrown on them? (I know that I could probably go...
  20. Blue 60

    Yota diesel comparo

    For those of us not in the know on Toyota diesels, could someone please post up some comparison info on the diesels? For the BJ, HJ, and other series/versions, what are/is the: Size(liters) # of Cylinders Turbo options (factory/aftermarket) Fuel economy Imported to ______ country Any...
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