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  1. rockabilly cruiser

    2003 tacoma 3.4 throttle body

    I just cleaned my throttle body this afternoon. I noticed when I went to open the butterfly to clean the around it there was play in shaft. I turned the shaft 1/4 to 1/2 inch the butterfly did not move. so at full throttle the butterfly was not totally flat. Is this normal?
  2. rockabilly cruiser

    For Sale  Tacoma fox febtec coilovers

    I have a nice set of Fox coilovers. I never put them on my truck. They are used. I have decided to keep my taco stock for now. I am in fort worth Texas the price is 425.00 obo. I will ship anywhere on your dime. Cash or PayPal is fine. My truck is a 2003 they should work for any first gen Tacoma...
  3. rockabilly cruiser

    fj or Tacoma TRD wheels

    I am looking for a set of wheels off a team Fj or newer Tacoma TRD. Grey or black.
  4. rockabilly cruiser

    meeting on the 8th.

    Hey we are moving the meeting to the 8th so we do not get in the way of any holiday plans. See you on the second Tuesday this month.
  5. rockabilly cruiser

    Beasley knob new trails

    Found out that the forest service got a grant to make two dead end trails loop back to the road. The work days will be posted later in this thread. Be on the look out we will need all hands on deck. We do not want to lose the money to other projects. good to hear that we get more trails.
  6. rockabilly cruiser

    mud for blood April 13th

    The bounty runners are having the mud for blood this April. We are helping out by building an rc rock crawler track. I have made fake rocks in the past for my aquariums. It is real simple to do. I saw a real cool track that used milk crates for the base. This makes layout changeable. Do any...
  7. rockabilly cruiser

    end of a great year.

    We have come to the end of another year. I would like to thank all of you for making it a great one. The board is putting together a plan for an even better 2013.
  8. rockabilly cruiser

    meeting on the 4th

    Back to Tuesday at ippolitos in Norcross. See you at 730
  9. rockabilly cruiser

    toys for tots

    It is time for the toy for tots. Bring a new unwrapped gift for the kids. We will meet at the varsity down town on the frist of December starting around 9 am. After the drop off of toys we will ride up to North ga for some wheeling.
  10. rockabilly cruiser

    2013 events

    Post up some events you would like to see on the calendar next year. I would like to see a good mix of hardcore wheeling, expo,and just hanging out.
  11. rockabilly cruiser

    board election

    Time has come for elections. Post up if you would like to help run the club. President vice president membership tlca rep. Treasurer
  12. rockabilly cruiser

    bought a working Toyota 4 wd

    I dropped some coin on a working Toyota 4x4. It is a 86 tercel wagon. It is fwd then throw a lever and it drives the rear. It has a really low first gear you can only use in 4wd mode. It will be an expo rig.
  13. rockabilly cruiser

    meeting on the 5th

    The meeting is on a Monday in November due to the election on Tuesday. So see you then. Same spot different day.
  14. rockabilly cruiser

    need an 80 differential

    Need asap. Please respond to thread if have a third member i can use Thanks
  15. rockabilly cruiser

    meeting Tuesday

    The meeting is coming up this Tuesday at ippolitos in Norcross
  16. rockabilly cruiser

    ga cruisers annual October 5 to the 7

    It is that time again. The club is hosting the annual on the 5th through the 7th of October . We will be wheeling and camping on private land in North central ga. There will be a dinner on Saturday night attendees just need to bring a side dish. The main course will be provided by the club...
  17. rockabilly cruiser

    meeting 9/2

    Hey there is a meeting on the fourth of September at ippolitos in Norcross 730 pm
  18. rockabilly cruiser

    meeting on the 7th

    We will meet at Ippolitos in Norcross at 7:30 on the 7th of August.
  19. rockabilly cruiser

    GA Cruiser GPS ride

    THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD IN AUGUST NOW. NEW DATE COMING SOON Well it is time again for the geo north Georgia. We will be running it in north east GA. I will post up the meeting place here so be on the look out. It will be on the 21th of July. You will need a four wheel drive truck stock or...
  20. rockabilly cruiser

    ippolitos:4x4 day

    Ippolitos in norcross is having a 4x4 day on the 25th of July. They have invited us to join them.
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