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  1. Godwin

    Advice for Replacing Valve Cover Gasket FJ62

    Won't work with a 3FE because of the intake, etc. that have to be removed.
  2. Godwin

    This thread is for the birds

    Nest of Eastern Bluebird eggs.
  3. Godwin

    External water temperature gauge

    I have an Autometer with electric sending unit mounted in one of the ports on the head. Been there for 200+k miles without any issues. I can watch the temp rise as the engine warms and tell when the t-stat is about to open. Water temp hits about 200 then drops. Good to have a second gauge to...
  4. Godwin

    Random Picture Thread

    Waterfall Cave and the ephemeral stream that forms down slope during wet weather.
  5. Godwin

    Plant Dorks Unite

    Rue anemone from N Alabama
  6. Godwin

    Plant Dorks Unite

    Trillium from N Alabama
  7. Godwin

    What Have You Done During the Lockdown you wouldn't Normally do?

    So you're eyeing Mississippi (Alabama is closed)?
  8. Godwin

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Gassed it up. Since it lacks good lights, registration, insurance, and is driven only on the farm I added a reflective triangle. It's now an ag vehicle :lol: Filling up right along with another tractor.
  9. Godwin

    ‘81 FJ60 brake pedal lost all resistance and goes to the floor

    Time for a new master cylinder.
  10. Godwin

    FJ62 H55F conversion using late 60 tcase - FJ62 speedo cable okay?

    I don't know which speedo gear ratio I have in my t-case, FJ60 or 62 because I've swapped parts around. The nylon speedo gear is a 6x16 and smaller in diameter than another I have on hand (I think this on is a 8x16). With 4.11s and 255/85/16s my speedo is only off by 1-2 mph as checked against...
  11. Godwin

    Best News Headlines

    Happy ending.
  12. Godwin

    FJ62 H55F conversion using late 60 tcase - FJ62 speedo cable okay?

    IIRC over the course of the 60 series there have been 3 different speedo cable iterations. Shortest one for the H42 without spacer (1981-84) Intermediate length cable to work with the H42/H55F with spacer (1985-87) Longest cable in the FJ62 because the A440F is longer than the manual...
  13. Godwin

    Random Picture Thread

    If you're going to keep chickens in your garage why go to the effort of building a coop? Just keep the door closed and let them have the run of the place.
  14. Godwin

    FJ60 with 2F to 3FE from 1992 fj80

    The easiest, quickest, and cheapest route. Installing a 3FE into a 60 is no small undertaking. I have done it using a '88 FJ62 as a donor and having an entire parts vehicle to pull from is the best way to approach the swap.
  15. Godwin

    Godwin, what is it?

    Cool. With the young ones you could look at the venter (belly) for a fresh umbilical scar. That would give a good indication if they'd recently been born but finding 10 together makes sense of a freshly born clutch since they're typically solitary.
  16. Godwin

    80 series rear axle with front axle Tundra brake mod

    Yes. The braking is substantially improved and well controlled. I did replace all the major components which are listed earlier in this thread. I've put probably 10k +/- miles on this setup thus far. I also miss the brake backing plates but haven't noticed an issue without them and I've...
  17. Godwin

    OEM vs Others

    60 series hood prop rod.
  18. Godwin

    Toilet paper? Seriously??

  19. Godwin

    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

    I'd trade it for the right jeep.
  20. Godwin

    Photos Snapped while driving - wth?

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