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  1. mtkreitz

    FJ55 door re-skin?

    Has anyone re-skinned the doors on their FJ55? Looking for tips or a thread that may discuss the best way to do it. I am assuming I can just pickup some sheet steel, run it through a slip roll and weld it on. Looking for advise as to whether I should attempt to roll the edges, etc... Looks...
  2. mtkreitz

    Column Shift Linkage Rebuild

    Being nostalgic more than practical I like the 3 spd column shift on my FJ55. The problem is that it is very difficult to shift. A local Toyota mechanic never misses the opportunity to tell me how "smooth as butter" the shifting is on an FJ40 that he works on. So I decided to try to rebuild my...
  3. mtkreitz

    For Sale  1975 FJ55 Body

    UPDATE 7/11/18 - This body has been sold. Thank you. I purchased this FJ55 a few years ago with the intention of restoring it. After having it sandblasted and epoxy primered I found some crash repair on the drivers side rear C pillar. It's nothing terrible, but it stalled the effort. Doors...
  4. mtkreitz

    Tubing Bender 1" 90° die?

    Does anyone have a tubing bender (like a Pro Tools or JD2) with a 1" 90 or 180 degree die that I could use to bend a few pieces of tubing? Bend radius is not important but 3-5" would work best. I can come to you and willing to compensate for time/use. Thanks! Mike.
  5. mtkreitz

    Well this looks familiar...

    The all new 2000-whatever Jeep Wrangler (pickup) has revolutionary new rear suspension that looks like an FJ80's from the early 1990's. I guess Jeep engineers are slow learners... I still...
  6. mtkreitz

    Tap (Loaner) Needed 1/2” 12TPI (Not 13TPI)

    I know this is a longshot but I am hoping someone has a non-standard tap that I could borrow. I guess prior to World War II the standard threads per inch on a 1/2 inch threaded bolt was 12 not 13 like it’s common place today. I purchased several drill press clamps and need to create backing nuts...
  7. mtkreitz

    Tragic Accident

    I am part of a Facebook group called "Toyota: Bring the 70 Series Land Cruiser and Diesels to the USA" and saw a post yesterday that was unreal. Not sure if it has been discussed here on our forum yet but I am reposting it just as a reminder to be safe when wheeling. I could not even recognize...
  8. mtkreitz

    Are you a machinist?

    I recently purchased an older Jet 1340 metal lathe and am looking to learn how to use it. If you are an experienced lathe operator who would not mind spending an hour or so with me to cover the basics I would appreciate it and be willing to compensate you for your time. Thanks! Mike (480) 208-8882
  9. mtkreitz

    Mirror Ball Bearing Size

    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the (3) ball bearings that are used in the base of the side view mirrors? Mine came apart while driving and all (3) ball bearings went with it. I want to avoid taking apart my passenger side mirror to find out what size they are. If anyone knows the size...
  10. mtkreitz

    Wanted - Broken Microwave

    Looking to make a spot welder out of a broken microwave's transformer. If anyone has a dead/dying microwave around that they are willing to donate to the cause please let me know.
  11. mtkreitz

    WANTED - AC Compressor Clutch

    I am looking for a cheap (or free) AC Compressor Clutch & Pulley. AC Compressor not required. I would like to test out an idea that I have for an electromagnetic brake for a 50lb bicycle trailer. If anyone has one laying around that they are willing to part with, please let me know.
  12. mtkreitz

    Home HVAC - You Need to Know...

    This information is mostly for folks in AZ since we have to fight the heat of summer and stay cool until mother nature allows us to play outside again. Jan 2014 I did a preventative replacement of my rooftop packaged AC unit. The original unit was 20 years old and really held up pretty well for...
  13. mtkreitz

    Camping this weekend?

    Anyone going anywhere interesting this weekend for overnight camping? Looking for something to do with Liz and the dogs and don't really want to venture out too far alone. Water would be a plus. Let me know what you have going on and if you are willing to share!
  14. mtkreitz

    Wizard Cooling Aluminum Radiator?

    I have been considering a Ron Davis aluminum radiator as I continue to seek lower engine temperatures in my LQ9 V8 converted 80. While looking for other options, I ran across Wizard Cooling's aluminum replacement radiator for the 80 series. After a few quick searches I could not turn-up any...
  15. mtkreitz

    Mityvac Radiator/Cooling System and Pressure Test Kit

    Does anyone have one of these that would be willing to loan it to me? It's not expensive, but I figure I will use it once and then it will go into the drawer of 'long forgotten' tools. Please let me know!
  16. mtkreitz

    Has it ever happened to you?

    This week I decided to replace my bushings and birfields with new units. I had a growling sound coming from the front end and noticed oil dripping from the knuckle studs shortly after I performed the last birfield rebuild. First I was incredibly pissed that the seals were leaking again after...
  17. mtkreitz

    Power Antenna Help Needed...

    When I purchased my LX450, the power antenna was disconnected and laying loose inside of the passenger side front fender. I yanked it out and took it apart to retrieve the (broken) plastic portion of the mast. I bench tested it with 12V and installed a new mast. All was good. I reinstalled it...
  18. mtkreitz

    Interior Plastic Refurb

    So a while back I read on a post by Shane (MetricTLC) that he used a blowtorch to improve the look of interior plastics that had been faded or scratched. I have been wanting to try this for a while and had the opportunity this weekend with a center console that I got from wrecked LX450. I am...
  19. mtkreitz

    Front Speaker Connector Needed

    I am in-need of a speaker connector for the front passenger side door of my 80. PO removed the speaker and took the connector with it. Please let me know if you have one you can spare. Thanks!
  20. mtkreitz

    WTB - 80 Series Instrument Cluster

    Looking for an instrument cluster for an 80 series. Replacing one with broken tabs on the clear lens cover.
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