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  1. NorthFJ

    SOR Valve seals

    Anyone have experience using the valve stem seals that come in the engine rebuild gasket kit from SOR? Yes, I know, should just buy toyota, but the head is off, and we have the seals here. Looking for feedback in terms of reliability / longevity. Thanks for any feedback!
  2. NorthFJ

    Aftermarket Head Gaskets

    Hey again gang, 2F engine + aftermarket (non-OEM) head gaskets......thoughts? We just did the head-gasket on our truck (along with other gaskets while in there). We got it as part of the engine overhaul kit we ordered from SOR. Anyone have experience on longevity? If they don't seem dependable...
  3. NorthFJ

    2F engine, Felt Material on Valve Train

    Help me out here folks. Slowly we've been replacing the head and exhaust gaskets on our 1976 FJ40. We're basically done except for a bunch of minor odds and ends we figured we'd do while in here. When we first pulled the vale cover off we came across something unexpected, the entire valve train...
  4. NorthFJ

    High Mileage FJ Cruisers

    Hey Gang, I have at least another 2-3 hours of software to install on a pc I'm working on so I figured I better do something useful in the mean time. Our FJC currently has just over 374,000km (232,392 miles) on it. We're hoping to push it to 500,000km (310,685 miles) with the original drivetrain...
  5. NorthFJ

    FJ Cruiser Upper Strut Bearing

    Hey gang, looking for a little help.... The front end of my truck has been clunking for some time now. I have replaced the bearings (which were shot) the lower ball joints (which were also not in the finest shape) and I still have a pretty nasty rattle /clunk. The problem now is that I can't...
  6. NorthFJ

    '07 FJ Cruiser Lower Ball Joint Replacement (with pics)

    The front end of our truck has been in need of some TLC for a while now. It started last fall with a nice clunking when the truck hit good size bumps. Turns out the driver's side wheel bearing was done. So back a few months ago I did the wheel bearings and seals, both drivers and passenger...
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