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  1. Godwin

    For Sale  1973 FJ 40 Tallassee, AL

    For sale November 1973 FJ40, originally a soft top, now with a hard top. Body and frame solid. Surface rust on frame. Only significant rust is in driver and passenger foot wells (photos to follow in subsequent post). F engine with header and Weber, Aisin carb and stock air cleaner included. New...
  2. Godwin

    Looking for a shop in Dedham, MA

    My oldest son has just moved to Dedham, MA, as in within the last week. His 2002 4Runner is throwing a #4 cylinder misfire code and I've recommended he take it to a shop for repair. Can anyone recommend a shop in this area where he could take his 4Runner?
  3. Godwin

    Engine stand?

    Anyone have an engine stand sitting around that's in the way and needs to be gone? I'm looking for one that can support a 1FZ-FE.
  4. Godwin

    For Sale  FJ62 suspension - Alabama

    Stock suspension off an '88 FJ62. Springs have some life left in them. Every nut came off cleanly. U-bolts, spring pins, shackles included. Suspension was on a Alabama/Georgia FJ62 and the discoloration is only surface rust or red southern clay. Local pick up preferred. Cost of shipping would...
  5. Godwin

    For Sale  FJ62 clock

    In dash FJ62 clock. $25 plus shipping. When mounted in dash will be right side up ;)
  6. Godwin

    For Sale  Spidertrax 1.5" spacers

    Set of 4 Spidertrax 1.5" aluminum spacers with 24 lug nuts; spacers are hub centric. I had them on a FJ60. $100 for all four. Shipping $15 USPS flat rate. Located in Tallassee, Alabama
  7. Godwin

    80 series rear axle with front axle Tundra brake mod

    This began a year ago when I had a rear semi-floater bearing blow up 200 miles from home. I use my FJ60 on an almost daily basis often travelling hundreds of miles from home and it runs about a thousand pounds over stock weight. The rear axle bearing had less than 50,000 miles on it so having it...
  8. Godwin

    Quicken problem, can MUD help?

    We've used Quicken for years to keep up with home finance, just simple stuff like checking etc. Two weeks ago a problem surfaced where transactions are not being saved after being entered and the program closed and reopened. This began under the previous version which I think was Quicken 2016...
  9. Godwin

    80 series steering box install question

    I installed an 80 series steering box yesterday and the 60 series steering column is just a little too long to simply slip the yoke onto the input shaft of the 80 box. For those that have done this modification did you cut off a small section from the end of the inner shaft of the steering column?
  10. Godwin

    For Sale  Tundra front brake lines

    A pair of OEM soft lines for front Tundra brakes. The year I used was 2005 but will fit other years and maybe other models. Part number is 90080-94073. I bought these for a project and cannot use them. Still in unopened package. $60 for the pair and I will pay shipping.
  11. Godwin

    DIY brake lines

    I'm looking for some guidance here. I'm sure this info has been posted before but my search skills are poor. I need to bend up some brake lines and need to know what size and type of line is needed? 3/16" nicopp? What is a good source for a coil of line? Checked with the nearest NAPA yesterday...
  12. Godwin

    Axle breather tube thread pitch?

    Anyone know the thread pitch of the breather tubes on the axles? I have a thread checker and M10 x 1.0 was the closest but would not thread into the hole.
  13. Godwin

    Dodged a $$$$ bullet

    I had the small bolt that holds the tab that secures the idler shaft break at some time in the past and I have no idea when. This of course allowed the idler shaft to back out and that must have happened over many miles until last week when internal pieces were set free within the transfer case...
  14. Godwin

    Transfer case gear question

    I had a small issue with my transfer case last week and a few teeth on the input gear and large gear on the idler gear were chipped. The gears that were damaged were from an '88 FJ62 (38 mm idler shaft). I have spare gears from an '86 FJ60 (38 mm idler shaft). Tooth counts on the large and...
  15. Godwin

    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    First trip out this year with the canoes and thought I'd use that as an impetus to start a thread. Show us what you have. Both of these are Dagger Legend 16' canoes, the green one is about 25 years old and I keep thinking this the last trip for it; it's been beat on hard. The blue is a later...
  16. Godwin

    Pig connections

    I was in Bankhead National Forest, Alabama, this weekend and met one of the law enforcement rangers. As we were talking he commented on my FJ60 and mentioned that he has a friend rebuilding an Iron Pig, he used the term "Iron Pig." I asked who it was thinking it was someone local to Alabama...
  17. Godwin

    Wiring Pertronix coil

    I'm trying to fire up a '73 F engine that has a Pertronix ignition installed. I am not getting spark and I question if the coil has been wired correctly. This is a 3.0 ohm coil. On the + post of the coil are three wires: Red that runs to distributor Black with yellow stripe from stock wiring...
  18. Godwin

    Which rotor button for Pertronix?

    I recently picked up a '73 FJ40 and the F distributor has a Pertronix unit in it. In checking it today I found that the rotor button slips badly on the shaft. It does not seat well enough to engage the slot on the rotor shaft. These are pics of it. What is the correct rotor button for a F...
  19. Godwin

    Rejuvenating a starter

    I had a starter that slowly faded out. Over time it was turning over slower and slower until it finally quit. I opened it up planning on replacing contacts and plunger. I had replaced these parts a few years ago but failed to properly set the edge of the contacts parallel to the plunger disc...
  20. Godwin

    '73 FJ40 parts question

    Picked up a '73 FJ40 last week. In going through the parts included I found a stock looking eye bolt and stock looking footman loops on the body. There are three loops on each side with two toward the rear. Indicative of a factory soft top model?
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