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    For Sale '96 LX450 w/ brand new tires, rotors, and pads - CHEAP project truck! Seattle-area

    Please PM me your contact info. I'm local
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    How much harness to get from PNP for TBI swap

    I cut off the drivers side at the firewall, pulled everything from the engine to the ECU on the right. Removed the ALDL plug under the drivers dash with about 6" of wire.
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    addding manual lockouts to a 1979 axle?

    Interested in selling the lockplates?
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    Firestein/Bier SBC Motor Mounts

    PM sent also
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    Ultra 50/51 series wheels (5)

    Still have these? How far south do you ever get?
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    FJ40 Battery tray ?'s

    I bought the bigger one in my 1st post. I had fabbed/relocated the mount for it with the old tray, so all I had to do was swap the tray. Mine is moved forward from stock on rt side.
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    Wipers will not park, but another problem found..Real time.

    Hi Shane, Try jumping a wire from the wiper motor case to the neg battery terminal. If that works OK, you have lost ground through the windshield frame. Are the bolts through the dash pad to the windshield frame clean and tight? The only diagram I found was for a 78 (in tech), but it...
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    Question re: FJ45 tires and wheels

    Peter, How wide is that 16" wheel? Online ordering says part # no good. Prob have to call a real parts guy.
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    Ultra 50/51 series wheels (5)

    Got to love those EA6's. I had been looking at your CL ad. Really tempting. Hope our strike ends soon.
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    JT Differentials

    They did both E-lockers for my son's 85 Toy truck. Good turn time. Working good. I have 33's and 4.10. Works good for me, but I have Chev V-8 and auto.
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    SOR spring ?....too stiff?

    I've been offered a set of SOR springs a neighbor removed from his 76 because he said they were too stiff. What are your opinions on the SOR springs? I currently have stock with add a leafs (sort of stiff in their own right)
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    whos truck is this?

    Where is the meeting on Tuesday? It does not show on the cruiserhead website
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    whos truck is this?

    He lives in Washington State, but I don't know him.
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    FJ 60 (82) parthing out everything must go

    OK, Thanks
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    FJ 60 (82) parthing out everything must go

    Front lockout hubs? No answer to my previous post.
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