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    what is your engine's highway speed happy place?

    I have stock gearing with 35’s in my 96, Sweet spot for ok gas mileage is 2200-2300rpm without getting run over…any higher rpm, I get terrible gas mileage.. 2300 rpm is 71 mph gps
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    FJ80 vs FZJ80

    If you wanna go a step above the fj80 and fzj80 move up to the LX-450..way more power, killer gas mileage, lighter, there’s no head gasket, and it’s Toyota’s flagship princess …it makes one feel empowered and smarter to have the best of the lineups..😉
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    The reality of the Landcruiser Head Gasket Issue

    Yuppers, I was starting to plan for it , looking where to take it but it got me moved to slow
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    The reality of the Landcruiser Head Gasket Issue

    aaaaand it’s blown at 238k miles I’m glad this is over, every trip I went on i was wondering if this would be the mine went slow with some gurgling in coolant reservoir and rough start ups..
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    Leather steering wheel cover?

    Lonky is what I have..good quality
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    Cylinder head back from the machine shop! Valve stems next?

    my head gasket went out, just had my head done at machine shop...$1500...valve grind, guides, seals , decked, cleaned ect ect...runs so smooth/quite now with power back, no jumpy idle.. I didnt realize how bad it was...
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    Soft Shackles

    I’m still making softies…just made 3 from 7/16” and one from 1/2” dyneema Amstel blue..1/2” gets tough to tie and set button knot but super strong.
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    Kenwood DDX393 - Installation Help for noob

    Toss the factory amp if you haven’t already.. it’s not compatible with aftermarket stereos
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    WARN what ya got!

    You can buy a new cover where the plug comes out the front..way more convenient for accessing the winch power in/out
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    Need help finding taller gears

    2500rpm is high at 75mph which results in bad mileage and irritating on long trips My 97’ f350 with 7.3 psd has 3:55 gears ..and When I’m at 70 I’m 1800rpm ish which is nice in mileage and engine
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    Head gasket replacement in Sacramento

    On my 96' LX-450 head gasket finally giving up at 238k, got the sweet smell at tail pipe and lots of bubbling in return reservoir with low fluid in reservoir with hard start ups, runs very rough but then smooths out once antifreeze on ground. Not able to do it myself so looking...
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    Any know how to get in contact with Avid Off Road in Phoenix?

    I hear ya, 28 weeks is WAY to long to wait for anything with a deposit and not good communication, so frustrating! I hope u get it sorted out and u might have to threaten court, some times that’s what is needed to get them to understand how serious you are about wanting your deposit back..
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    Help choosing winch line extension.

    I just put my extension in a bag..
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    Help choosing winch line extension.

    I have one of these for an have to splice the end that would go onto the winch drum though…I spliced my own 😉
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    Help choosing winch line extension.

    Yes on the same diameter like 1911 said, don’t go smaller. I have 3/8 150’ synthetic on my Warn 8274 and I have 100’ extension just in case nothing is close by.. 80’ of rope on a winch is nothing especially if u have to do a redirect, u will run out of rope really quick..extension are the way...
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