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    2021 Toyota 4Runner Help

    Meaning the company I work for is a Toyota Distributor so yes I get vehicles at cost. Cheaper then dealers can get a vehicle.
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    2021 Toyota 4Runner Help

    I work for Toyota and can get a 4Runner at cost. It’s just a matter how long it would take to get. I may also look at importing something instead of something new.
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    For Sale Land Cruiser 1990 Toyota HDJ 81

    What’s the tow capacity?
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    For Sale 2003 Lexus GX470

    PM Sent.
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    For Sale 1995 hdj80 toyota LHD

    More pics please.
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    craigslist FJ40 and FJ45LV? Graveyard (a couple) in POWELL, WY

    Got a hood spear or FST tailgate by chance?
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    Parting Out Parting out a 68 40 in NJ

    PM Sent.
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    Smoking battery cables?

    No more springs poking my balls...
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    2021 Toyota 4Runner Help

    Thanks gents. I have decided to drive my FJ40 during cruising season since I’m only home for a couple days at a time. Looking around August to purchase the 4Runner.
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    For Sale San Diego: 2015 Lexus LX570 22K miles

    I wonder what shipping would cost to South Florida?
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    2021 Toyota 4Runner Help

    Ok. Is KDDS worth the extra change? I think it’s a couple thousand dollar option?
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    2021 Toyota 4Runner Help

    Care to share your experience?
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    2021 Toyota 4Runner Help

    Good evening gents. I sold my Ford F-350 and I’m looking at getting back into a 4Runner. I live in SE Florida and tow a 20’ flats boat. I do plan on at some going up north and doing some mild off-roading (may also tow my FJ40). I’m looking at the new Trail Edition, TRD Off-road w/ the XP...
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    SOLD San Diego, CA. 2006 GX470 Sport Edition

    If it falls through please call me. Nine five four 592-57@3
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