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    Air Conditioner - Low Speed / Idle issue.

    Once you get modding you won't care about KBB anymore. I am so far over anything I can get for mine I don't care anymore lol
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    New to the Club and absolutely thrilled!

    I may be close by. You get to be neighbors to the overlord :P Join GXOR on Facebook if you use it. We have a global and regional chapters, including GXOR-GA and we do get togethers when we don't have an unscheduled apocalypse.
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    Any performance pcm/ecu tuners available?

    Slim to None. There are throttle controls...but the ECUs can only be piggybacked. The Toyota/Lexus ECU is incredibly hard to crack.
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    Slack in steering wheel when engine running

    Can be bushings in the rack under load or internal seals losing pressure. I had a rack that had chipped teeth on the mechanical side (first rack) and a rack that had an internal seal leak (second rack). They aren't exactly the most robust design passed the stock phase lol.
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    I run HAM with a 10" solid antenna (compactenna) and I get 15-75 MILES of range. In an emergency I can jump on FRS or GRMS on low power and get through as well. These formats blow CB away by far.
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    Resistor value for hyperblinking LED signals

    I did the resistor thing and they get HOT. Like no joke hot. Plan accordingly.
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    Resistor value for hyperblinking LED signals

    I swapped to a smart tap relay using a toyota 9 to 12 pin harness I repinned to make it work (and killed my DRLs) in my GX470. 6 ohm is the resistance for hyperflash usually. Make sure you put the resistors where they can cool and not touch any wiring as they tend to get hot.
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    Which RCI Skid Plates work on a 2007 GX470

    I just loosen the drain plug with a socket and extension and let the oil drain down the extension until I pull it away. Or I just have someone else change the oil when it goes for the next upgrade (usual approach).
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    O2 Sensors

    Denso. Bosch has variability in the voltage that will still throw codes a lot of the time.
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    Another one

    This is a fantastic problem. Congratulations.
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Wish I could have made that. :(
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    Four Low Engage

    If it's a 4R you should unlock the CDL, shift to 4L then relock the CDL to troubleshoot each function.
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    Four Low Engage

    Is this a 4th Gen 4R or a GX? Sounds like the CDL wanted to lock or was locked when you attempted to shift? Can be out of phase...but that beep is from the CDL. If it is a 4Runner with the dial, the 4L actuator is right next to the CDL actuator (all one assembly). Can check the basics like oil...
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    I went underlanding.
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    2004 prado

    Sounds like a plug is loose. The ABS module and the wiring on the engine can get knocked a bit while working on a starter. Also, may be a fuse or possible the brake switch (brake light). Otherwise...going to need the codes.
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