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    locking lug nuts - any pros?

    I noticed the lug nuts, as well! I haven't seen the owner out to ask them yet. But this is in a wealthy neighborhood on a slight incline. It's the kinda place where the car goes to the Lexus dealer for any squeak or rattle. And I'm sure the neighbors would report the car immediately for...
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    locking lug nuts - any pros?

    Yes, that's what I thought. I can only seem to find the flared mag seat locking nuts as OEM toyota but not widely listed. I think I will just go for factory lug nuts now.
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    locking lug nuts - any pros?

    So in DC, you’ll see cars up on blocks occasionally—including a 100 in my neighborhood recently which I assume to be from theft. I had factory wheel locks that are degrading and want to replace. I bought McGard 24215, M14 x 1.5. The thread size fits but the McGarda are straight cylindrical and...
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    2006 LX470... Alternator, Coolant leak, now valves... How far down the rabbit hole do I go? All the way, I say!

    Looks like you had some rodent(s) cozying up in there. I did, too.
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    How critical are these repairs?

    The only thing that sounds like I’d want to do soon is the heater Ts. Put some Lucas Oil stop leak in power steering reservoir and see if that helps leak. Does the steering feel ok or are there dead spots? Battery—test with voltmeter to see how much juice is left when car is off and then when it...
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    For Sale  18” OEM LX470 Rim / Wheel - DC

    For sale is an 18x8” stock wheel off my 2004 LX470. Wheel was used for my spare and the paint is peeling off on sections of the front. I bought a replacement on the forum and no longer need this. Good if you want to refinish it or need a backup beater rim for wheeling, etc. Sold as is. Cash or...
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    Stiff steering

    I just hit mine with some PB Blaster.
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    Front sway bar bracket

    I recently had this done. My mechanic friend fabbed a metal L-shape piece to replace the part sheared off the frame and had a muffler/weld shop weld it in. Then used new Toyota brackets and bushings on both sides. 👍🏽 I’ll try to get a pic and post when it stops raining.
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    31" or 32.6" 95% city, 5% fire roads though plan to take it on sand this month

    275/65r18 Falken AT3W on my ‘04 LX and I’m pleased. I’m mostly city and highway with some gravel and forest roads on weekends when time allows. Maybe a couple times a year on some roads/trails where our Subaru wouldn’t make it. The extra sidewall is appreciated especially on DC roads with a lot...
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    Stiff steering

    What oil did you use and how long did it last? I was even contemplating putting a needle on the grease gun and trying to lube mine that way.
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    Rear Hatch Handle Replacement

    The plastic handle on mine broke off. I ordered a new one. Looks like is just slides/snaps on. Is that correct?
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    Dexron ATF Power steering fluid

    All, just to throw in some anecdotal evidence on the subject: I recently had front end gone through and refreshed including new steering rack. My mechanic friend filled PS reservoir with generic PS fluid. Car felt tight when I first picked it up but I attributed this to new ball joints, tie rod...
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    Estimate Cost of Damage? (Pics Inside)

    Unless you know a body and paint shop, I’d pass on it if you’re looking for an aesthetically correct cruiser. If you’re looking for an adventure mobile, use it to get price down and have fun with it. It’s definitely beyond some friendly trail pinstriping and I’d guess it will cost a few thousand...
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    LC versus LX Steering Rack ?

    Ok that is good news. Do you have the part number for the Toyota rack for 2004? I have 44250-60100 from the local dealer and want to confirm that fits the 2004.
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    LC versus LX Steering Rack ?

    I'm in the same situation, too. Would like to know if putting the Toyota rack on an LX ('04) has any issues related to the VGRS.
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