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    LED Light Sale!

    I still have a smoking deal on some Sirius LED light bars, all sizes available, 6", 20", 30" and 50". These are good lights at a great price! Next up are some hawse and fairlead light bar...
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    NEW - Warn VR EVO Recovery Winches!

    Well... then an M8274 is in order! :) Warn Classic - Specialty Series Recovery Winches But, a VR10S or 12S would do the trick.
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    NEW - Warn VR EVO Recovery Winches!

    They are just now rolling out but the previous VR models were very solid. You can't compare to a Zeon, there is a reason why a Zeon is 2-3x more expensive. The hand control can disconnect from the cable and then use as wireless. If you are up in the air about winch selection then read this...
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    NEW - Warn VR EVO Recovery Winches!

    The new Warn VR EVO series recovery winches are out and available for purchase in our store! Several improvements including a dual use wired/wireless control! Oh and the prices went ...down. I'm working on getting our winch mount combination packages updated with these tonight. The VR EVO...
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    WARN Sale! 5% off - July 9-10

    July 9 & 10 only! WARN sale. 5% off winches and accessories! Get yours here: Warn Discount will be subtracted in the cart.
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    For Sale FJ40 Parts - Fenders - Aprons - Covers - FST Carrier - More

    Only a few items left: WARN 7309 Hub Service Kit - Partial CODE:7309 $37.50 $15.00 FJ40-FJ60 2F Engine Pushrod Cover CODE:2FPRCOV $25.00 FJ40 Battery Tray CODE:FJ40BT $100.00 $50.00 FJ40 Heater Core - Box CODE:FJ40HEATERCORE $75.00 FJ40 Gas - Brake Pedal Assembly...
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    3FE EGR Delete, Who's done it?

    This is what you need. Has a list of parts you need in there as well. I ordered the Route66 EGR plate here: Toyota 4.0 3FE EGR Delete Kit - Route 66 Mods Inc.
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    91-92 FJ80 Y Pipe Options

    I've been looking for the same... I have every piece, down pipes/cats, midsection and tail pipe/muffler... just no Y pipe to tie it all together. Trying to get this done in my shop without taking it to a muff shop.
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    For Sale FJ40 Parts - Fenders - Aprons - Covers - FST Carrier - More

    Still selling stuff but some great items still in stock.
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    For Sale FJ40 Parts - Fenders - Aprons - Covers - FST Carrier - More

    Still some to clear out! Toyota FJ40 Parts - New & Used
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    Builds The Architect's '77 FJ40

    Man.. that tree damage is something else. Glad y'all didn't get squished....more importantly the 40 was safe. :)
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    Mean Mother 12V Camp Lights

    Yeah, they are... they are adjustable in brightness too so they don't blast ya when you just want a little mood lighting... ;)
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    Mean Mother 12V Camp Lights

    I don't push these often enough but these lights are one of my favorite Mean Mother items we sell and I have a set I use in our expo canopies for a couple of my businesses including, of course, U.S. Off Road. Great for camping or any outdoor activities. They are magnetic which makes things...
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    Warn M8274-70 Special Edition Winch

    Warn M8274 Special Edition Winches are still available from Warn but inventory is very low. Get yours here: Warn M8274-70 70th Anniversary Winch
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    For Sale 1991 FJ80 3FE Rebuilt Engine - Transmission - T-Case
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