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    Supercharger vs Turbocharger

    Agreed, 7-9 psi is good. I live @ 10,800ft & needed a bit more.
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    Supercharger vs Turbocharger

    -I will look for photos. -The turbo was installed at man-a-fre -Ben @ Slee handled the boost controller, EGT, & a lot of the build. I think it would dial up to 16 psi. I kept it between 8 & 12 psi once you get above that in the lower gears the tranny would slip. I would never run 15 psi in 1st...
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    medium pitch gear whine. ideas?

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    Supercharger vs Turbocharger

    Beowulf, the mogs are running at least 30psi. My 2003 u500 camper was running 40 psi 2500lbs of torque. The Cat's, Volvos, & Cummins rigs thought a jet was taking off. Rolled it doing 60mph when a 53" inch michelin decided to ignite. In ran 15psi in my 97 80 for years via a boost...
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    Strange whistling sound from engine?

    Some of my 80's have done that; I have traced it out to a flat spot in the exhaust in some to clear the rear axle. Some have it some don't. rg
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    Supercharger vs Turbocharger

    Owned both several times - superchargers suck; they overheat constanly @ low crawl speeds - Turbo is hands down a better performer across the board. Mileage, Power, low end, top end, more reliable, less moving parts, no overheating. The trucks fly with turbos & put you in g55 kompressor...
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    Going turbo this summer..

    I do miss my 97 fj80 with a safari turbo; I installed a boost controller & ran between 5 psi & 16 psi. I did get a engine knock under full boost for long periods of time. My mileage was 16-18 mpg running 35 with stock gears. I don't remember the truck ever down shifting in cruise control. It was...
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    For sale or trade diesel 40 (sc)

    No service on phone here in the colorado's mts. I can get photos in the morning. The truck is a clean Arizona truck; Christo just did the heater hose & u joints. email me @ [email][/email
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    For sale or trade diesel 40 (sc)

    I have a 1996 80 with 86k on it. Locked/ lifted a month ago/Full roof rack/new 285 michelins/ Arb bull bar/peal blue/rear slider drawers/ Trade across/ I can arrange shipping/ robert 970-390-5489
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    For Sale Feeler: 1980 FJ40 - Super Clean

    I have a 96 80 with 85k/ lockers/OME lift/ arb bull bar/ clean/ just started to build the truck. I will do an equal trade?
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    WTB Daily Driver FJ40

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    WTB Daily Driver FJ40

    AGREEKBOY, interested. pls email
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    1978 FJ40 62k orig. miles all stock, daily driveable. $4500obo colorado

    I will pick it up Monday. I live in Vail. 970-390-5489robert
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    Expedition built, locked 1997 FJ80 available

    interested; email me.
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    Built UZJ 100 For Sale

    Hi Tim, give me a call. Lets get this figured out $$. cell-970-390-5489 0ffice-970-790-2318 or email me. rg
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