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    AltFuel Anyone making "black diesel" (WMO/ATF/hudraulic oil) out there ??

    I use a pabiodiesel 120gph centrifuge to make my wmo blend. I make w85 (15% regular unleaded to 85% waste motor oil. Runs great in the p-pumped cummins. In the winter months I do use some diesel. Summer none. Now I just need a diesel cruiser. The Dodge is a constant project.
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    23 mpg over 600 miles

    My best mpg out of the 80 on 255/85's was 19.7 through yellowstone country My best mpg out of the 100 has been 19. Good job getting 23. 23mpg out of a 100 is totally doable. A real hypermiler with P&G techniques could get 25 mpg from a hundy. Those who don't believe it are uninformed. Our hundy...
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    New Pioneer Head Unit on lx470 now issues and questions

    Thanks for all the input thus far. The lx spent the night at the stereo shop. They put about 7 hours into the amp install. Prior to that they put in 3 hours figuring out a ground loop isolater wouldnt fix the buzzing. I'm in colorado now. The wife picked up the lx at noon today and said all is...
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    Best 16" Tire

    I would go with the Grabbers. You wont get double the mileage out of the Michelins at double the price. Your already happy. Keep $400 in your pocket and be even happier.
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    New Pioneer Head Unit on lx470 now issues and questions

    I've heard it mentioned in my browsing. I'll go look again. Thanks
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    New Pioneer Head Unit on lx470 now issues and questions

    Thanks for the replies thus far. I know the buzzing is a common issue once aftermarket H/U is installed. The common fix is a new amp or amplifier bypass. I've read the threads. I too feel this reeks of hackery since just one speaker gets the buzz and that same speaker amplifies the blinker...
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    New Pioneer Head Unit on lx470 now issues and questions

    I've searched. I had a pioneer Double Din avh-x1500 installed by a local stereo shop. I picked up my Lexus from the shop and immediately noticed a buzzing noise that was definitely not there before. I've read this is common and commonly the factory amplifier is the culprit. The Buzzing...
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    LX470 - What oil for TXFR case

    I am using amsoil severe gear in my transfer case 75w90:bounce:
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    1998 Cruiser burgundy, Shane's leather, $9500

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    Surge then die at startup

    Have you disconnected the battery recently? Sometimes it takes the ecm some time to "relearn" parameters. X2 on the throttle body cleaning.
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    Front seat iggee seat covers

    Today I am wrapping up the 3rd row install of shane's leather (aatlas1x). I bought all 3 rows of leather 6-8 months ago. Did the d.s. and p.s. front row initially; because that was the worse part. Im selling the cruiser and want the next owner to have all new leather. I just fininshed the second...
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    1998 Cruiser burgundy, Shane's leather, $9500

    More pictures. I've started installing the second row leather. It is a tedious process but the results are great!
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    1998 Cruiser burgundy, Shane's leather, $9500

    I started installing the leather in the 2nd row. It is beautiful:) More good news. $8900!!!
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    Wanted  wanted: lx 470 spoiler black

    Looking for a whaletail spoiler for the wife's lexus. Prefer black. thanks! Tyler
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    2000 vs 2006 and double the price?

    2000 doesn't have rear locker just the 98-99 cruisers. I would go for the 2000 over the 06 if it were my money. But since I don't know your financial situation and what you plan to do with it, hard to tell.
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