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    Rattle can, bedliner, or get it professionally painted?

    Liner looks cool until it doesn’t (which often depends on the lighting or how badly it’s applied). I’m sure there are ways and methods to make it look good for a long time. But in the end you have a raptor liner body, it will wear, get smacked, and is not easy to match or remove for round 2 of...
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    Remove caster plates or drill them out

    I’ll refurbish the OEM arms and sell with the slee plates. Should be a nice kit for someone doing a 3” lift.
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    Remove caster plates or drill them out

    I’m in this same boat, in wanting to switch from slee caster plates to DeltaVS arms due to low caster. Is the agreed approach to remove the slee plates, fix the notch and install the new arms? I’m not against drilling the slee plates, but not sure how that can be accurately done.... maybe it’s...
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    For Sale Spanish Fort: 1997 Toyota LandCruiser

    Needs a price in first message of Ad.
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    Anybody running 4.88’s with 33’s?

    I’m over-geared a bit. I don’t tow or have a bunch of extra weight. It’s overkill for the city, but I head up the mountains a lot and live at 6,000.... So I’m happy with it. I can easily maintain 60moh going up to 10,000’ plus.
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    Windshield Molding Poping Up: Replace, Glue or Do nothing?

    That’s the crux of tearing into it to fix it. I bought an otherwise good 100 a while back and I knew windshield wasn’t installed properly (rust bubble around window frame) so I had it fixed immediately.... it cost about $1500 for window frame repair/paint, windshield and moldings.
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    Windshield Molding Poping Up: Replace, Glue or Do nothing?

    The last install probably reused those moldings, pretty common for them to be jacked when that happens. It’s possible to make a mess of you yank the moldings back and try to ‘fix’. If it were mine I’d leave it alone until you need a windshield, or I’d pull the side cover on an a-pillar (outside...
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    Where to put a spare tire?

    Inside, works good. I started to put a swing on bumper, but I like parking in my garage sometimes. And I don’t want to open more things to get in the back area.
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    Do Toyota dealerships have a policy only allowing use of oem parts? Insurance; catalytic converter theft woes.

    I was paid on labor only when I was a Lexus service advisor. I couldn’t have cared less if someone didn’t want to buy a parts intensive repair. If I stayed in that businesS, I would have moved to a shop that paid on the entire repair order. The OEM / aftermarket parts issue... would be...
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    Tire air up & down

    I buy the 50 pack from Amazon and throw it in the console. I’m pretty careful but they disappear A LOT!
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    Tire air up & down

    Gotcha just curious. My little 33” viair is still working and airing up 37” tires. It will die one day and I’ll need a bigger unit.
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    Tire air up & down

    I guess if it fit in my compressor bag I’d use it. What’s the physics of airing up 2 tires with one compressor, is it more load on the compressor due to tire volume or same load?
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    Tire air up & down

    I screw these on and by the time I make it back around it’s maybe 1-2 minutes before I walk around and remove. I Air up 1 tire at a time, I can’t see how 4 airlines saves time airing up after taking out and putting that stuff away
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    Do I NEED Front and Rear Lockers?

    Rear locker usually does the trick for me in practice. If you have the budget go for the front as well, you’ll get the money back when you sell it.
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    Rear main seal leak: how "big a deal" is that?

    Mine has an oil seep in that area. It may may leave 1 or 2 drops after I drive it a bunch. I throw down some oil soak right where I park it and try not to think about it much. My last Toyota, same, the One before that, same. None have have left me stranded due to oil leak. Oil / power steering...
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