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    For Sale NOS M416 trailers - potential group buy

    Wow what a find! And yeah, the realities of transport over this way are rough I imagine. Still, wow.
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    T100 Wheel & Tire Size

    Agree with @AntFarm and others - the 265/75R16 on factory 16’s are perfect on a stock truck.
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    Harrop Elocker in T100, anyone?

    All true @rscoleman - was mainly looking if anyone had had experience with one in their T. Believe I am going to go ahead with a Harrop/Easton Elocker from Cruiser Brothers.
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    Harrop Elocker in T100, anyone?

    Love the factory lockers in my 80-series, and would like to bring some of that peace o mind to my T100; rear for sure, maybe both front and rear. I like to simplicity (relatively speaking) of Harrop vs ARB, tho I know ARBs are awesome. Anyone have real world experience with Harrop in their T?
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    Shakey mirror fix with a bracket and bottom post fix

    Worked well for my passenger mirror; had to dremel off some age-old prior repairs to the ears to allow clearance for the motor to slide under the bracket, added the bottom post collar, and boom-- all steady as she goes. My drivers side ear repairs from a few years were so burly that I couldnt...
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    For Sale SLC, UT: Toyota OEM Fuel Can

    I'll take one too. PM incoming EDIT: sorry for the post; I'm going to have to pass at this time, but cant seem to delete my post. There's one left y'all!
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    Genuine Toyota 80 Series Cruiser Window Belt Molding Set

    Raising the thread from the dead... Interested in these as well.
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    Oil pressure switch/sensor

    About to replace my sender; is there any trick to disconnecting the plugs attached to the existing one? I've never seen them (below the manifold) so can't picture what I need to be pinching or pulling.
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    Don't trust you're oil sender!

    Any trick to getting to the old switch? Can't picture how what needs to be disconnected from which part; and then assume the unit just unscrews from the motor?
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    New Italian Leather Steering Wheel Covers in Toyota Grey

    This gives me the idea that I might be able to pull this off on my own!
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    For Sale *SOLD* WA 1997 LX450 110K miles

    I have got to pay better attention to these classifieds; beautiful rig that I wouldve snatched up in a second (and kept it PNW local!)
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    For Sale 1993 LC, Mint condition, 1 owner

    God is the nice. Love that its had as nice a life as its has. That is a oak/brown interior right, not gray? "The Senator"-- that's great.
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    Cruisin Off Road Skid plate install

    Love this set up, shorter w/ room for front flaps. Might have to take a trip up to BC from Oregon to have him install a set!
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    Trusted source for 80 series crate motor?

    No sh%t— @beno, you win with that picture.
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    CDN m101 rust repair

    It is strange; seems to be just on the outside, nothing on the inside and tiedown seal looks good-- def nothing indicating that severe of a problem. I'll looking around for a trusted metal ninja in Portland to have a look at this; I'll keep this posted with what I find.
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