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    For Sale 1989 FJ62 - Beautiful condition- Daily Driver - Texas

    Sounds like you've made up your mind, but that's just silly. If done right, anchor points can be made far better than any vehicle's anchor points from the factory, and would not be cost-prohibitive at all. I understand the liability aspect, but from a physics perspective, this is a no-brainer...
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    What happened with these guys? Anyone?
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    For Sale 1989 FJ 62 Stage One by Proffitt's Cruisers

    $25,000?! That's humorous, but good luck.
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    YES or NO to this paint job idea

    Go for it. Contrary to popular myth, a darkly painted roof will not increase the temperature inside, unless, perhaps, you're going without a headliner. Brown and Black is fine, as a color combination. Borrow an air compressor, and shoot some color yourself. Don't mess with the rattle cans...
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    AltFuel Used Oil Filter System--photos please..

    Unless truly filtered to the point where contaminants are virtually eliminated, the carbon in that oil (which is harder than steel, by the way) will totally score the ring lands of your cylinders and you will lose compression, quickly. Loss of compression, of course, is the beginning of the...
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    Wanted fj40 North Florida

    I have a similar story, but I came away with a VERY different attitude. My very first Cruiser was purchased from John, a New Zealand issued FJ40 (dual fuel). I had severe buyer's remorse, and despite the fact that I had driven it from Thomasville, GA to Gainesville, FL (a 3 hr. drive), he took...
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    For Sale 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, North Central Florida.

    NOPE. SOLD. Sorry. Consolation: There are some really nice rigs on eBay right now, some look mint. Of course, they're all going to fetch $12-13K+, but just sayin'...
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    Wanted FJ62 Land Cruiser

    Wrong side of the continent, but:
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    Interesting Diesel Project?

    Please see:
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    For Sale 1987 Mercedes Benz 300D project

    BY the way, this might be an OK motor for a Cruiser conversion. See:
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    For Sale 1987 Mercedes Benz 300D project

    OOPS! Gainesville, FL. Edited.
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    question for 3fe guys

    Consistently get 13 mpg on ridiculously puny 29s.
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    For Sale  1987 Mercedes Benz 300D project

    MobileMe Gallery For sale is a complete, rust-free 1987 MB 300D, with a new front end (wheel bearings, steering knuckles, etc.). The vehicle is a nice silvery light blue with the gray MB-Tex interior. VIN on the vehicle is WDBEB33D0HA383779, with roughly 250K on the odometer. I purchased it...
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