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    For Sale  Northern Louisiana - FJ62 steering wheel

    Fj62 steering wheel minus the horn pad. All contact for horn present. Horn worked fine where it was removed. See pics. Some surface cracks. Mild looseness on top portion from the underlying subframe. Brown interior truck. not horrible shape. Should rehab well. 50+ ride. thanks, todd H.
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    For Sale  Northern Louisiana; 18 inch steel Tundra rims

    Toyota tundra 18 inch steel rims. Recently cleaned and painted. Have TPMS installed. Good shape, no bends or cracks. Went another way with tire plans for my Toyota truck. Size 18 x 8 rim size. Has five hole bolt pattern from Toyota. No center caps. No lugs. Sorry. $80, obo. Thanks t
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    For Sale 100-Series Weathertech Floor Liners

    Shipping to 71291? Northern Louisiana..
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    For Sale Scan Gauge 2

    If available I’ll take it. Shipping to 71291?
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    Wanted  GLASS LX470 head lamps

    I replaced my 05 Lx with glass aftermarket headlamps. They look good but the beam pattern sucks. I’m gonna look into polishing the OEM ones, but they are yellowed. I’d like to go back with the older glass factory one if anyone has “spares” laying around. Thanks
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    LX470 spoiler help.

    The previous owner had a run in with a garage door and my spoiler has been loose since purchase. I’ve considered removing it all together but kinda like it. It’s the whale tail on a 2005. All the foam tape is I’ve got that. Gonna try to get it back to factory specs. Too much...
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    SOLD FJ80, LX450 30mm Two Rear Spacers $66 pair including shipping

    Will they work on the rear of lx470/ 100 series?
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    What is this pipe?

    Air injectors pipe....EGR related? Mines gone...
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    For Sale 100-Series OME 2866 coils - Free/Cost to ship

    Shipping to 71291?
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    Wanted  100 Series all AHC used.

    My current Lx had s surprise for me. It was kinda bouncy so I figured an old AHC fluid would fix it. All kinda dealer service but not that...why would they do that? I think she had s shade tree guy service it and put in good ole hydraulic fluid...high grade stuff. After 3 complete system...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Did mine today....oem plastic. Gonna buy brass for the next time...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Heater Tees ya’ll!!!! Do it....!
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    Wanted LX470 2005 towing harness

    I’m interested...may see if I can deconstruct it and rebuild! Thank, Todd H
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    7 Way Trailer Wiring Harness DIY

    Great write up! Will start to order part tomorrow!
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