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    Aftermarket or Other OEM Front Seat option thread?

    Did you honk when you went by my house?
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    Lexus 450 rebuild

    Awesome! Dude i totally forgot to mention the head shop thats where my buddy Richard Miggete he builds the engines for the monster trucks mudbog race trucks at tge digger shop told me to take my head for my little Tacoma to and 80 head haven't gotten around to taking either apart yet been busy...
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    Builds V8 (SBC) to V8 (Gen III Vortec) swap in my FJ60...

    I have the same setup on my 62 also shackle reversal wondering if i need to extend my shocks mine rides like a tank named her #roughcunt i have a decal on the rear window so everyone knows lol
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    Cheap is good, 454 th400 and ???? swap

    Damnit i wish i lived in the mountains
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    Cheap is good, 454 th400 and ???? swap

    I say do it! I have a 93 80 i bought for pretty cheap not as cheap as you and missing the front axle and the front suspension been building trucks for years and have a bunch pf stuff just sitting around like bbc th400 np205 np200 dynatrack king pin 60 front 6.17 gears Detroit lockers front and...
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    Urgent....Update on 1988 FJ62 potential purchase. Need advice. Thx

    What kind of dealership thinks its ok to sell a vehicle in that shape and then to have an absurd price just crazy.
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    1987 FJ60 Restoration + 5.3 Vortec Swap

    Not sure what your talking about with the shocks keep it coming
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    Windshield wiper arm replacement

    In heavy snow conditions while parked your supposed to flip your wipers up so the dont stick and also so you can scrape the snow off thats the only sime i can think of that you would have a problem if you didn't do that. I don't have city racer kit got mine from the dealer and they are not...
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    REPRODUCTION D-Pillar and Front Fender Vents

    Thats what i am saying my vents are fine but these look great have seen another vendors rear vents in person and was not impressed what so ever.
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    What is this cable coming out of starter?

    I agree thats what it looks like odd you say everything is working tho
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    AC Evaporator Box and expansion valve

    And all parts came from rock auto except the low pressure switch that is located inside the ac box along with thermo coupler it is also for 134a instead of r12
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    AC Evaporator Box and expansion valve

    Lol never heard of a machine it is plausible that they ran die through it and had it running long enough to see die coming out of the drain tube. I just replaced every part of the ac system except for ac compressor (ls swap) when i pulled the evaporator coil out it looked like a porcupine from...
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    Installed New Stereo - No Sound = FIXED!

    Just hook it up to both
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