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    LS Swap?

    Pretty sure op ditched the ls swap has another thread so mpg is whatever last one i did owner said 18mpg hwy all depends on motor gearing transmission and hpw you drive it i would say if you drive it like you stole it on any swap should be around 12mpg
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    A/C Fuse Keeps Blowing

    This is whats wrong with alot of swaps mickyficky wiring jobs dicktrickle and a wire nut
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    A/C Fuse Keeps Blowing

    Something is wrong shouldn't be blowing the fuse
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    Which one would you keep?

    Strippers and blow
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    Builds Project R2D2 Sixty - 1986 Retro Refresh

    Love love this rig keep it up
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    Which one would you keep?

    Thread needs pics
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    Replacing Head after Rebuild

    Yes you will hear air from the cylinders also make sure the head gasket is on correctly the tab goes to the back ask me how i know😶😶
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    Gauging interest: TEQ windshield sun visors

    Pretty sure they wpuld sell
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    FJ60 manual steering

    I drove my 62 for a while without power steering when the pressure line blew out was manageable with 8inch rims and 31 10.5 tires
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    Fj62 what was this???

    It a gone the xmember it froken at this point no rrar shocks because thexmember is gone russted away Google search will help you
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    How much Horsepower Can a Fj60 Handle?

    Is that your final placement?
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    new 5 speed trany win not shift

    Was just going to mention you in this thread because i seem to remember someone else here that had the same problem
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    Builds Treebeard

    Can bwnch test the carb fan and yes grounding the sensor wire is what you need to do and should hear a faint click from the driverkick panel. I bench tested the one in the 84fj60 i am working on and installed it but it wont come on it wasn't working before but i got it spinning with an 18v...
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    Cost of H55F conversion on FJ62

    Its not really a kit but i posted pic of what i make at the beginning of the thread
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