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    Rusty fuel sending questions

    And this tank was very very rusty dirty inside was bought from a cruiser place for 300 plus shipping not going to mention any names but i will not recommend the company to anyone the tank must have been sitting outside open for a long time took alot of time to get clean enough to use also sealed...
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    Rusty fuel sending questions

    Should look like this minus the blue and black wire that is for the fuel pump for the ls swap i am doing also that is a new sending unit.
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    Siphoning hose stuck

    You don't have to do it that way there is a drain plug on the bottom of the tank
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    REPRODUCTION D-Pillar and Front Fender Vents

    @gray90turd might have the onfo you need in this thread
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    Like Alice down the rabbit hole

    Keep it coming
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    Siphoning hose stuck

    As stated above drain tank there is a drain in the bottom. And the hose is stuck on the flapper it is just inside the tank i wouldn't force it
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    Rust on Frame - Remediation Help

    If thatis rusted through the c channels are probably toast too
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    Parting Out Many FJ60 Parts - NV and NM

    Do you have any body parts?
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    Wanted F60 rear wheel well cut outs

    Not letting me load pics right now
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    Wanted F60 rear wheel well cut outs

    Looking for rear wheel well cut outs for fj60 they are rusted through at the lower back seat mount where it pivots have pics of what i need Thanks mud
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    Rust on Frame - Remediation Help

    I think @TRAIL TAILOR is going to make reproduction ones not sure
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    FZJ60 build

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    1988 FJ 62 ECU control module symptoms

    I would check it and rule it least there is a drain on the tank
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    Figured I'd join in on the fun - '88 FJ62

    Nice 62 welcome to the party
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