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    80 series steering box install question

    What isn't right... you also have hydro assist brakes
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    Builds Lexus 450 rebuild

    Looks o so familiar mine has a rust hole..:censor:
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    What am I doing!?!

    I have 8 toyota's 4 are land cruisers 2 62 and 2 80s welcome to the club.
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    I need two set's of fronts for 80 axle in 60!
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    Starting 1985 FJ60 Build - 5.3 LS1 and a 4L60E conversion this weekend

    Come on bro title says this weekend lol
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    Builds Project Snowball❄️ 85 FJ60 4BT Cummins/ NV4500/ SOA

    Does the new power steering pump have two returns? For hydroboost brakes? There are ps pumps without two returns for gm the body of the ps pump looks the same as gm. Just thinking out loud here. :smokin: :meh:
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    My FJ62 engine went kaput on me...she needs a heart transplant SoCal

    Yea no cheap way around an engine rebuild.
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    8x Series V8 Swaps

    Think @cruisermatt has that engine in his 62 might be the lm7 as far as the pan goes don't worry about it need a different pan anyway would like to see a pic of the hole for the drive shaft also need to redo tbe wiring harness or get an aftermarket one for the swap. Tommy
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    GX470 frame to FJ60/62 body swap

    Exactly this the wiring part of it will the main issue. Cutting welding fabricating to make the body would be the least of my worries. I have been around 12v wiring for almost 30 years that part of the build will slow the build down or either make it not happen at all. Sounds cool and different...
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    Builds Elma the red 60

    Wasn't talking about his house I am sure @joebattle1 knows that i said sucks either way talking about the tire
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    Failed Inspection due to Power Steering Gear box Leak.

    Clean it and see if its actually leaking didn't you just put it in a mud hole or something may have water in it or something look it over really good
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