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    For Sale 1986 Toyota FJ60

    She has a new stereo system with kicker amp. Replaced shocks and steering dampener, no longer then 5,000miles ago, all old man emu. The engine block is bad but she has a new water pump, alternator, and battery, no more then 10,000 miles on them. Headlights with H3 LED's with the converters to...
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    For Sale  1986 Toyota FJ60

    SOLD _________ Having to sell my 1986 FJ60. She is in Little Rock, Arkansas. Was on my way to Texas when she blew a head gasket lost antifreeze and score a gouge in cylinder 3. She is a parts number matching vehicle, except the engine, which will now need replacing again. She has a total of...
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    Wanted  2F Engine in decent condition.

    Hey guys I live in Carterville, Il and am in college. I have a 1986 Toyota that i have pulled out of my families barn and got running with an engine swap and everything. This is the first car i've worked on. sadly on my way back to my home town of Waco Texas she decided to go south on me and i...
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    Carb. Cooling fan questions.

    Once I've replaced the wire when is it suppose to be blowing air?
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    Carb. Cooling fan questions.

    Hey guys so I have pretty much gotten her running in top condition but I think my cooling fan for the carb. Didn't work I have read some threads on it but I need a few questions answered and prob a few pics. So she runs off the cooling system I get that but is that connected to the temp gauge...
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    1987 fj60 280000 miles what would you pay

    the rig your looking at i have seen around Waco, Tx I am from there and just moved to Illinois with mine. She is beat up but if your willing to put in the labor and maintenance she could turn out to be a sic rig. Ask the mileage and how long its been since the engine has had a tune up and the...
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    Parting Out 84 fj60 north florida

    do you have a good PS Pump?
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    Parting Out 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, Blue Exterior & Interior

    what parts do you still have? i am looking for a PS Pump.
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    Parting Out SOLD

    willing to part out that engine? I'm looking for a PS Pump.
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    Power steering pump questions

    Couldn't you just apply a bigger pulley to slow down the amount being pushed? Sr is there a way to decrease the amount being pushed other then that? opening up the width of the entrance and exit of the pipes? to allow flow to be more fluent and frequent in and out without built up pressure.
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    Power steering pump questions

    alright so I've been driving without a power steering pump for a while and have been searching for a replacement, but i also am curious if there are any pumps that can be converted to fit in the original pumps position on an Fj60 2f engine. if anyone has any info or has don something like this...
  12. Tx born yota

    Tx born yota

  13. TX born yota

    TX born yota

    almost all original except motor.
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    Parting Out 1981 FJ60, Red and Brown

    How well off are the stater and igniter?
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    Parting Out 1987 FJ60 (MN)

    do you mind sending me come photos of the coil and igniter please?
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