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    can soft tops be re-stitched?

    Insist on the best. Write to the company tell them what happened they will replace it. You paid for the best, expect it! Otherwise look to the kings. I work in an outdoors retailer. If your top was made from Cordura you would have never made a post. Those outdoors guys are charging a...
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    powder coating

    Answer: yes, think of your mountain bike..... unless you are kicking my a** with all carbon fiber or titanium
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    Towing a FJ40 home. New to this side of town.

    fj40 weighs 5000 +++++ pounds...yeah its a tank
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    Soft Top Repair

    My best post: Outdoors stores... I have worked in them for years. We sell all kinds of patches, tapes in all colors. Find a good shop and your set
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    Stay away from all the info at quadratec
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    vehicle dolly question

    Regular Comedians
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    Newbie .. Fj40 Owner

    I have had success with Old ManEmu on my other trucks...Make I will not mention. Nut those are both on and off road toys I have never gone more than a 2 to 4 inch lift with OME. It really does depend on wat you want to do.
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    4 Wheel Steering on a Fj40

    Isn't the wheelbase short enough? That is a tight situation... Too tight. Sounds like an oops.
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    Just purchased a 1973 Cruiser hard top

    Nice Ride Go All Out!
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