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    For Sale Sonoma,CA 1988 HZt-62 California registered diesel!

    What is the asking price now?
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    HZJ77 Just Imported (with images)- Expected Value in the USA?

    In this day an age its worth what someone is willing to pay you for it. Find a sucker and you'll make a buck. An educated buyer isn't going to pay you much more than you have in it. The cruiser market is ridiculous right now. I've seen plenty of people paying dumb money for junk. $3700...
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    For Sale 92 fj80 4.2 turbo diesel right hand drive Japan Import

    Yeah I was skeptical as well but Tigger seemed cool enough as I talked to her more. Crazy story but at least it was consistent every time I spoke with her. I was gonna buy it but didn't feel like dealing with the title hassle in NC. You can probably get a title but just remember that without the...
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    For Sale 92 fj80 4.2 turbo diesel right hand drive Japan Import

    It was a pretty crazy story. Guess it checked out or was worth the roll of the dice as you were close by. Hope you can work some magic and get a title for it.
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    Builds Live in Texas, drive a pickup: HDJ79 single cab build

    I think your column missed bolting in by a year or two. IIRC that was the last year before the bodies changed. Once they did away with flat fenders the firewall where the steering column bolts in changed as well.
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    Builds Live in Texas, drive a pickup: HDJ79 single cab build

    Hectic couple of days coming up but I will try and get a good photo of adapter plate. The column not lining up has to do with using an older column in a newer body. If you have a newer column (I think 2008 and up) it bolts right in. I used a 90s column an it was cocked to the passenger side by...
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    Builds Live in Texas, drive a pickup: HDJ79 single cab build

    I remember they same thing on my build with the steering column. Back in the day when Proffits started selling these bodies/building the trucks....they made and adapter plate for the steering column that corrected the angle. I have one on my truck. Doubt they still sell them. If it would help...
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    Builds Just another 79 build.....

    Yeah I toyed with modifying the 80 box but figured it would be easier to buy the one that bolts in. Well I should have know that it wouldn’t just bolt in. I don’t think there has been one thing on my truck that was a “bolt in”. Thanks for the pics. I think there is a bottom bracket we must be...
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    Builds Just another 79 build.....

    My Scheelmanns are still sitting on the shelf in the shop :( Some day I will get around to putting them in the 79. I definitely hold the record for the length of time it took to build a 79. Mine has been collecting dust for years. Question about the mounting of the air clear base. Where...
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    SOLD 2003 Troopy in the US

    Like I said. They had the same color 79 up for auction recently. There’s a reason it didn’t sell... It’s not legal if it’s stateside
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    SOLD 2003 Troopy in the US

    They must have got a deal on that blue/grey paint. They resprayed a 79 in the same color. It was up for auction on the same website a month or two ago.
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    SOLD No Affiliation: Austin TX 2007 LX470 - Silver - 106k mi - $19,900

    I tried to pull this up on the marketplace but can't seem find it. It's possible its already sold, but if you happen to stumble on it again on there could you try and send me the link or contact info from it?
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    For Sale Most recent 100 series prices

    I'm glad you got it but I'm definitely a sore loser. I've been looking longer than you. I'm just pissed it was right under my nose down the street and I missed it. Too many thing going on at once to search all day for these trucks. Given the inflated values and demand for these things recently...
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    SOLD Western CO: 87 HJ75 Troopcarrier, 12HT, running/driving project

    yeah good deal for someone who doesn't mind body work.. Luckily its out west. Back east that thing would've been toast a long time ago.
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