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    ARB Front Bumper Owners...

    Bolts/nuts/washers inbound. Thanks all!
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    Thoughts on cylinder wall streak?

    Does that vertical streak catch your nail? If you can feel it, I’d get the block bored/honed to the next oversize. If you can’t feel it, the cylinder wall is likely ok. I’d deglaze the cylinders to help re-seat the new rings.
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    ARB Front Bumper Owners...

    Does anyone have the 6” bolts for the roller fairlead that they do not need? The bumper should have come with the long bolts to use with the roller fairlead but I know many of you have gone directly to the synthetic line/hawse fairlead route. My 80 was purchased with the bumper already installed...
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    In Memory of Kevin, Tools R US

    Deepest condolences to Kevin’s family and friends. 🙏
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    Builds My First 4x4 Build - 94 Triple Locked

    We need MOAR! :clap:
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    New noise after brake job

    Mine made a metallic scraping noise after I did the rear brakes. The thickness of the new pads caused the calipers to come in contact with the stick-on wheel weights.
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    Power steering high pressure seal

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    Power steering high pressure seal

    Does anyone have the part number handy for the high pressure seals? Thank you.
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    Dual Battery: National Luna or IBS kit?

    I believe there's a time delay built in so the automatic isolation might not happen right away.
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    Dual Battery: National Luna or IBS kit?

    Thanks Drew. So in the case of using a winch with your outlined setup with the 2 awg cables and 150A fuses, would we want to isolate the two batteries manually when using the winch (assuming that the winch is connected to the start battery with the appropriately sized cables)? This way all of...
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    Dual Battery: National Luna or IBS kit?

    The scenario that worries me is winching a heavy load while combining the two batteries.
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    Dual Battery: National Luna or IBS kit?

    Thanks for the great information @Cruiserdrew ! I am currently in the process of installing the 7622. The instruction says to "use circuit protection only if ACR is not used for emergency cross-connect." I'm assuming this is in reference to pushing the red button to connect the two batteries...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Two of the best Toyotas in one garage!
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    What is the best motor oil?

    Mobil 1 0w-40. 186k on the clock, pumps 75 psi on cold starts. Winner.
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    Door Courtesy Light Disable Switch - Pic Heavy

    Glad you like the simple mod! The switch should have been there from the factory IMO.
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