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    I could use some feedback on a 60 for sale

    It doesn't have the 5 speed, the engine compartment looks like they armor-alled it, but it's missing the "cold air intake" pipe that connects behind the light to the air filter, they say it's a new paint job, then have the picture where the pin striping looks like it's just tape, the interior is...
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    Cylinder Head Storage

    Ok, thanks for the responses. BTW; @roadstr6; Your picture, you turned the crank and sparks shot all over and you released the bike and I want to say it would jump a ramp that came with it? I'm pretty sure thats the toy my oldest brother got me when I was 6, the sparks scared the hell out of me.
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    Cylinder Head Storage

    I just picked up all of the parts from a 90 LC to do a 2FE in my 87. The plan was to figure out all of the wiring over the winter and maybe get started on a teardown... My garage isn't heated or insulated so the temps are going to be the factor, which gets me to my question: How should I...
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    Do Transfer Case gears have a wear pattern?

    Thanks for the replies... I've been thinking it over most the weekend (had my PE exam on friday) and came up that there shouldn't be a pattern like there was on the spider gears (the transfer gears should always hit flat at the same spots) I just didn't want to put all the work into it and...
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    Do Transfer Case gears have a wear pattern?

    I've been pawing through all of the transfer case rebuild threads for a while now, but I haven't seen anything mentioned about this... Maybe it's a dumb question? I'm planning on doing a rebuild on my transfer case and I was wondering if I need to mark the locations where the gears are...
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    60/62 later model parts upgrade or interchange

    I’ve been combing the forum for parts I need to replace on my 60 and coming across possible oem upgrades is kind of random. So I just wanted to possibly start a thread on OEM later model year upgrade parts for the FJ60 that are either a bolt on or very minor modification to make work as...
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    Drivetrain opinions much appreciated.

    From what I've been reading: The 60 series semi-float axels are the same diameter as Dana 60 axles, when you look for ring and pinions on Marlin Crawler, the 60 series uses a 9.5" front and back, the 80 series uses a 9.5" on the back only... That would cause me to think that the 60 series rear...
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    For Sale  1967 FJ40 in Linton (Bismarck) ND, $2,500, Ad (not mine)

    Not mine. Just saw the ad I don't know anything about it (or the sellers) other than the ad, there's not too many people in ND that are interested in older land cruisers, especially if there's an engine swap involved. (I picked up my mint FJ60 with 150k miles for not much more than that a...
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    1FZ to a H55

    My land cruiser got hit in the rear end from a guy cornering too fast while I was sitting at a stoplight and insurance wouldn't pay to get it fixed right, so I've had it parked for a couple years now... finally bought a house with a 2 stall to work in, so I starting looking into my options for...
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    Red FJ60/62s please

    Before the driver's rear quarter got hit
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    A dead horse...

    Yeah thanks for your advice, really helped out a lot... Dont be so short sighted: Toyota 1FZ Land Cruiser Engine Program 1,800HP+ Toyota 1FZ Land Cruiser Engine Program 1,800HP+
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    1FZ to a H55

    Sorry for my tardiness in replying again, and definately thanks for the input :). I think eventually part sourcing may be a problem to contend with especially since it's a miss-mash of different years and models of Toyota, but hopefully that wont become a problem after I'm dead and someone...
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    1FZ to a H55

    --Tapage, I'm glad you chimed in, a lot of what I found on this subject is from other posts that you had written. You seem to have the best grasp on how this setup could be done...:grinpimp: Let me know if I understand this right, from your post I need to find a 200mm long input shaft to use...
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    1FZ to a H55

    Ah, thanks. The spigot bearing was just what was typed on the other thread... I'm mainly compiling what I have read on various threads here to try to piece what people have written into a possibility of a plan... So I can get some input from others who have tossed the idea around... mainly...
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    1FZ to a H55

    I originally posted this in the 60 section, but didn't recieve any help, so I'll try here. I've been trying to decide what I should do with my FJ60; engine wise... Keep the 2F and convert it into a 2FE, go with a 2UV or try out a 1FZ. (I don't really want a chevy engine) I would like to keep...
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