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    I spoke to Alex on Friday and he is the one personally overseeing the rework to ensure a closer match.
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    My thanks to the OP and others who have chimed in regarding Safety Restore. I received my four belts back a few weeks ago and didn’t unwrap them as I’ve pulled the interior and didn’t need the belts installed just yet. I ended up with the rosy brown webbing after a request of color match. My...
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    Flasher replacement for LED blinkers

    @nozar, great write up. I finally got to this w/ the interior out. I found not having the drivers seat in place and a long extension to get the back nut off made this an easier swap. Thank you.
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    80 series headlight issue

    You will also need to move the radiator overflow tank out of the way to get to the ground on the passenger side. Yesterday I pulled a Slee headlight harness as it was making my bright lights finicky. You're welcome to have it if it will help you piece your system back together. Shoot me a PM...
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    How To: Belt Moulding Replacement

    I may have answered my own question. Too dark to attempt now, and I'm heading to Step #6 regardless, but it looks like I installed the window runs in the incorrect sides. The part numbers are similar and the labeling doesn't point to a specific side, only front and rear. I'll report back...
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    How To: Belt Moulding Replacement

    Reviving a slightly old thread. I included the rear door belt mouldings along with new window runs, sound deadening and the inner weatherstrip on the door card. When tested with a hose I have quite a leak on both rear doors with the belt moulding appearing to be the culprit. I've pulled one...
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    SOLD Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket - RI $100 OBO

    Happy this could work out for all. Bike attachment is gone, all four mounting points attached. Let me know if you need more pics.
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    SOLD Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket - RI $100 OBO

    I appreciate the offer, but not looking for another rack at this time.
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    SOLD Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket - RI $100 OBO

    Still have it, I'll shoot you a PM.
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    Maintenance at 200k miles

    The vendors section has many choices Vendors Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters (@cruiseroutfit) and Jason at Trail Tailor (@reevesci) have both helped me in the past, you can't go wrong with either. @cruiserdan is no longer in the parts biz. HTH
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    SOLD Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket - RI $100 OBO

    Sure, np. I only have the attachment for one bike FYI. I won’t be able to get to it until Saturday due to work. How much is fair to you? I have no idea on value, shipping should be in a small flat rate w/ USPS so that should be easy.
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    SOLD  Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket - RI $100 OBO

    The rack came with my rig, not sure if it is the exact variant listed in the title but the dimensions are identical and it looks the same as the pics found here: Yakima® - LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket Rack also has a mount for one bike with a rear wheel cradle and front fork mount attached on...
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    For Sale  Thule Trailer Hitch (4) Bike Rack - RI $100 OBO

    Lightly used Thule trailer hitch bike rack for 2" receiver. Purchased through REI many years ago, appears to be similar to the current Parkway rack by Thule, ours may be a step up. Will not work with a Labs rear bumper and spare mounted if you're curious. We're not currently using the rack...
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