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    Landcruiser H.D. Skid Plates again

    Belly skid please…
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    Alternator Brush Question…

    Mudders, Just pulled the non functional alternator off my 2006 Hundy assuming is was time for brushes. (120K miles, original part) The question I have is in the armature area of the alternator. The brush assembly would not lift off because the lower brush was riding in a fairly deep groove...
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    Grenaded Diff? and stolen Cat

    Hate to say it but the chances of something not going back together properly during the front end work is much greater than a diff failure during normal driving...
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    100 series sleeping setup?

    Digging up an old thread... Planning a trip this summer with my son. The RTT won’t work on the trails so it’s time to add a sleeping platform to Atilla ( The HUNdy) There is already a rear platform that was built for the dog and has served its purpose for over a decade. Looking to extend it...
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    Making your own DIY custom shape skillet

    The other Vice Grips are hanging around there somewhere... I didn't want a raised fix'd handle as this packs inside a pelican case with the cook partner. It would be easy enough to add a slot on each end for a pair of hook type handles. Thats pretty low on the priority scale however. What I...
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    Making your own DIY custom shape skillet

    3/16th mild steel plate. Back and sides are verticle, front is angled at 45 degrees. No drain holes... Dealing with grease in the pan is easier than letting it fall through onto the stove/BBQ/Kitchen-stove.
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    Making your own DIY custom shape skillet

    Whipped this up a few months back. Sized it so a Cookpartner stove nests inside. Works great!
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    80 vs 100 Series

    The later years are... 06-07 for sure. Possibly earlier.
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    Yes this is another suspension thread... Have an ‘06 Hundy that was ”Retired” from daily driver status two years ago. The retirement was forced as my wife bought us a Raptor after listening to me whine about them for 10 years. Cant say enough good things about the Raptor, absolutely love the...
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    80 vs 100 Series

    went from an 80 to a 100... Would happily own either one. The 100 is superior in pretty much every driving dynamic except serious off road work. If you are going to tow anything pick the Hundy no question. If you are going to wheel hard enough to do body damage pick a locked 80.
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    What Winch would you put on this bumper and why

    Am I the only one who really questions this configuration? The plate welded between the bumper and the cross member while likely strong shift at the damage zone of a front impact directly into the radiator/fan area...
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    O R I O N

    Why? Your voice is one I respect a TON around here! My thoughts are the following. The 3.73's and 33's give a decent cruise RPM and around town drive-ability, what it gives up is stop light takeoff... Figure to correct this with the H41. The type of "Crawling" I anticipate would be fine...
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    O R I O N

    H41/Orion Wanting to get back on my 78 project. Building a “Triple Threat” (Commute/Crawl/Cross-Country) 40. Stock 2F, 33“ tires. The axles are now 3.73’s with ARB’s. The 3.73’s will help with the cross country part but will hurt the crawl part. That’s where the Orion comes in... Is if...
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    Just inherited '82 FJ40

    Everybody is going to have a different opinion but most will say something along theses lines. Grab a quart of ATF, pull the plugs, and pour a few ounces down each hole. Slowly turn the engine over, either by putting a wrench on the crank nut or moving the truck in gear. (Dont start the truck...
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