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    craigslist 1974 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 4X4 -(Big Timber) - No Top but doors - worthy survivor at affordable price

    I looked at this rig last year. Front inner fenders have been cut and rear tub floor has some issues. It has been messed with and i found many cheap fixes and parts that looked questionable. Make sure to view this in person before getting too excited.
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    For Sale Exhaust Manifold - F Engine

    its still available....anyone?
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    MUDShip Helena, MT -> Missoula, MT

    I’ve got a hardtop (sides & upper bifold door) that could use a ride. I will be in touch and will pass this onto the individual who is purchasing the top. Thanks!!!
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    For Sale Exhaust Manifold - F Engine

    Older style F engine exhaust manifold from 1958-1967 era for sale. No cracks and is good condition for its age. $150
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    SOLD TX : FJ40 Heater Blower tested

    Have you tested the motor?
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    For Sale San Francisco 1972 FJ40

    Looking at the photos does anyone know if the fuel venting to the center seat is stock? I have a 72 and mine doesnt have this.
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    SOLD MT: FJ62 doors

    Craigslist posting for some doors off an 1988 Fj62
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    Wanted 3 speed shift knob

    Looking for a stock 3 speed knob for an fj40 floor shift. - Thanks
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    For Sale WTB 1977 FJ40

    Rustic green. Nothing against olive...just after the rustic green.
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    Wanted fj40 transmission hump / cover

    Looking for a transmission cover of any year, some surface rust okay. My rig is a 78 fj40 with the stock 4 speed transmission. Thanks
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    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Frame & Tub

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    For Sale WTB 1977 FJ40

    Hello - I'm looking for a 1977 FJ40 in unrestored condition. Also, I'd like to find one that's green in color and as stock as possible. Thanks for your help!
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    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Frame & Tub

    Lowered price to $550!
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    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Frame & Tub

    Selling everything that is shown in the pictures (see link below) for $550. This includes the 8 point roll bar, siginaw power steering, front/rear axle, wheels/tires, knobs, etc. Most of the wiring still appears to be intact. There is no motor, transmission, or title included in the sale. The...
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    Parting Out 1971 FJ40

    I will sell the tub and frame for $650. This will include the wheels, siginaw power steering, front/rear bumper, all remaining dash knobs, etc. I don't have space to continue storing this and want it gone before winter. Once this is gone I'll repost any remaining parts. - Thanks
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