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    Welcome to the 200 Series Forums: Start Here and Read First

    Hey David! Welcome aboard (No, I'm not stalking you. :cautious: ) When I commented on Insta about selling the LR4 last week, I never thought to see if you'd joined here. I've been collecting links and how-tos for when I eventually get one to replace the T4R. This year we're doing the entire...
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    How do you mount stuff on the prinsu roof rack?

    I don't have a 200 Series (yet) but do have a Prinsu rack on my 4Runner. One thing I added that I haven't seen mention here is PolyMax chicken coop flooring as a platform. I used two sheets from Farmtek [LINK] that's screwed down to the crossbars, and then zipped together at the edges. Makes a...
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    Fly and Drive

    I've been on the other end of the deal, as seller rather than buyer. I posted a somewhat hard to find Subaru on several forums, and within 18 hours had three serious buyers ready to plunk down asking price. I dealt with them in order, and eventually sold to the first responder. We exchanged a...
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