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    2008 Harley Davidson Crossbones Northern Virginia

    2008 HD Crossbones with 9k miles for sale. Recently had the 10k service and a new rear tire installed. The 10k service included a complete adjustment of the springer front end and replaced any worn our parts. Aftermarket stuff installed is listed below: --Vance and Hines RSD Tracker 2-1 --HD...
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    Castor correction bearings?

    Anyone have any experience with these? I was ordering some parts for my Tacoma and stumbled across this. I think I have a castor problem, but will have to get some numbers from a alignment to find out.
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    For Sale 2004 tacoma trd double cab (nj)

    That truck has the "J" Shift style transforcase, comes in other Tacos too. Nice truck and GLWS
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    1991 FJ80 37's, 529s

    OK guys I have decided to keep the Cruiser and sell off my other Toyota. So moderators you can delete if you want. Thanks, Matt
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    1991 FJ80 37's, 529s

    Well I thinks it time to let my baby go. I dont ever get to use it for what I set it up for anymore. Here are the detail. 1991 FJ80, 170k. Truck runs good, no known issues. It does have a steering wheel shake at certain speeds, around 40-45, started doing it when I put the swampers on. Anyways...
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    One less 80 series in the world

    Glad no one was hurt. Im also in the DC area, I know this sounds kinda strange, but do you know what tow yard or junkyards it at now? I see some parts I need on yours. Sorry if this is to forward
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    For Sale 1976 Built K5 Blazer: Street/Rock Crawler-Bay Area, CA LOWERED PRICE 10.5K!!!

    Man your rig is sweet! I got a question, do you mind telling me who built your rear bumper with tire carrier? And GLWS :cheers:
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    Wanted  WTB Passenger side mirror 80 series

    Looking for passenger side mirror for 80 series, black if possible but not a deal killer if not. Thanks, Matt
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    Official 37" and up picture thread

    4Wheelin at Crozet, VA
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    Builds LS2 L76 V8 and 6L80E Swap in 1997 40th FJ80

    There is nothing Cruiser related that is close, not really any close 4wheeling either. You are close to Big Dogs Offroad in Gore, VA, BUT 80 series are really to wide to fit unless you care about body damage. The other place to go is in a place called Crozet, VA,I have gone with another Mud...
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    Builds LS2 L76 V8 and 6L80E Swap in 1997 40th FJ80

    This is a awesome setup, where in NOVA are you located? I would like to check it out in person if its not a problem .:cheers:
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    Wild Wheeling Videos

    Yeah not so much:doh:
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    Wild Wheeling Videos

    Here is part 2 of the video, this was shot coming back the other way and my distributor got wet. Matt's Cruiser part 2 - YouTube
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    Wild Wheeling Videos

    Here a short one of a little mud hole at Gore, VAMatt's Cruiser part 1 - YouTube
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    Wild Wheeling Pics

    Hey Roger I love the new look with the boggers. I went on the trip to Big Dogs with the guys over at MATC last month. Cant wait for a winter wheeling trip.
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