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    Fj40 old 350 to fuel injected 350 swap

    So I got a tired early 70s 350 in my FJ40 that I want to swap out for a fuel injected 350. Optimally I'd like to go port injected (O2 sensors, etc) and something I can put new in a long block configuration. If it matters, it has Vortec heads with Corvette exhaust manifolds right now. What is...
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    1971 FJ40 windshield wiper motor

    @Stump Jumper II did you find someone to rebuild your wiper motor? I'm in need of finding someone/anyone that can do this.
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    Just curious... Why no Pontiac powered 40's?

    This guy is
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Any chance of some pictures? I gotta do the same thing.
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    High Altitude plug fouling

    less (thiner) air = more (richer) fuel mixture = fouled plugs. I don't think hotter plugs will help. My motorcycle with a carb I need to have adjusted for high altitude driving. I would check to make sure that you are not already running rich at the altitude you drive at often. Or perhaps...
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    Very discouraged over temperatures

    If you have problems with temps on the highway you have a cooling capacity problem. The engine is running harder on the highway and needs more cooling but the radiator sounds like it can't handle the job.
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    6 Blade rigid
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    Burning up my spark plug boot

    Accel wires Ok, this is what it looks like now (sorry for the bad picture) and from the look of these ceramic boots I don't think I'll have a problem anymore.
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    Burning up my spark plug boot

    I guess the combination of ram horns and vortec heads didn't exist so maybe I'll lay off Edelbrock :-) Anyways, thanks for the info. Those Accel wires are PRICY but if it gets the job done then I'll givem a try.
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    Burning up my spark plug boot

    Well I don't think that the routing of the wires has anything to do with this problem because it is the actual boot that is getting burned out. Anyways I'm running the wires on the front two cylenders down then around the from of the head along the top of the intake manafold. The back two...
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    Burning up my spark plug boot

    So I built up a 350 with Edelbrock E-Tech Aluminum heads and Corvette 2.5" Ram Horn exhaust manafolds and every time I get on the freeway (when the engine is really working) I burn through one of my spark plug wire boots that is near the exhaust manafold. The engine starts misfiring on the...
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    Crazy Engine Oil Leak

    Thanks for the info. I really think it is a crankcase pressure problem because it doesn't just drip out of the valve cover screw holes but flows when the RPMs get high.
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    Crazy Engine Oil Leak

    I had a new 350 engine built up with Edelbrock Aluminum heads and a high pressure oil pump. I mash the gas yesterday and when I got to about 450RPM a big cloud of smoke comes into the cabin. That kinda freaked me out. So today I start slowly increasing engine RPM while under the hood and sure...
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    OVERHEATING 2f 77 FJ-40

    If the engine runs hot when on the freeway it is usually a radiator capasity problem. If the problem is a low speeds, it is usually the fan. Running without a thermostat makes the water move so fast it doesn't have time to cool in the radiator (at least that is the theory I've heard) If you...
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    What's the softest shocks

    Anyone got the Bilstein 5100 part numbers for a 2 or 4" lift? Thanks
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